7 Healthy Shopping Tips for Your Safety
09 Apr 2020

7 Healthy Shopping Tips for Your Safety

Social distancing is on everyone’s minds after the current COVID-19 outbreak. During such times, the best thing to do is stay indoors and not go out unless it’s absolutely necessary. This way, you can help prevent things from getting worse. But that’s easier said than done, you still need essential supplies, so here are seven ideas on how to shop safely.

1. Go online:

Go Online

This is the safest option; you don’t have to step out and can keep human contact to the minimum. You’re also reducing the risk of contracting the disease considerably. To help you along, we at digibank by DBS offer the DBS Bank bigbasket debit card. You can use it for online grocery stores like bigbasket and earn great cashback on each purchase. What’s more is, you can have your order delivered directly to your doorstep.

2. Go to stand-alone stores first:

Go to stand-alone stores first

In situations where your favourite online store runs out, you may have to step out of your home. In that case, your independent neighbourhood grocery store could be a better option. Supermarkets or department stores tend to attract a large number of people. In an independent store, you can make your purchases and leave quickly. Whereas, in a supermarket, you could get stuck in long queues at check-out counters.

3. Avoid hoarding:

Avoid hoarding

We understand that the current COVID-19 outbreak has driven you into a sense of panic. However, instead of going into fear mode and hoarding everything one of our healthy shopping tips is to shop sensibly. Remember, like you, the other shoppers need essentials too.

4. Decide quickly:

Decide quickly

Keep your shopping outings as short as possible. Make a grocery list to avoid long waits for you and others while you decide. In case you can’t find your particular brand, ask what is readily available and purchase it.

5. Plan in advance:

Plan in advance

Plan what you need for the next few days so that you don’t have to visit stores frequently. You could also arrange your items in order of priority – the absolute essentials first, and the rest later.

6. Avoid physical contact:

Avoid physical contact

If you want to shop safely, you have to avoid touching counters, handrails and other objects in the store. Following social distancing norms and if the store or supermarket is crowded, wait till it’s a little empty. Keep a bag specifically for shopping. You can also use the Tap-to-Pay debit card from digibank by DBS. With this card, you can keep physical interaction at check-out counters to the minimum. It’s also faster. Click here to get your today.

7. Wash your hands:

Wash your hands

Finally, one of our most essential tips to shop safely is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water once you come home from your shopping expedition.
Learn the proper technique so that all parts of your hand are clean. More importantly, don’t touch your face – especially your nose, mouth and eyes before your hands are clean.

Keeping safe can be challenging in times like these. But instead of getting stressed, you can follow these healthy shopping tips.

We do recommend you stay indoors as much as possible and use all the benefits of online shopping with digibank by DBS.