Live it up campaign

Terms and Conditions

  • All eligible winners will get the vouchers within 90 days of the campaign end date (Kindly check your spam folders for communication).
  • DBS reserves the right to modify, cancel, extend or discontinue the Offer, the website and/or these terms and conditions or any part thereof at any time without prior notification.
  • Balance added before 7 PM of 25th December and debit card transaction completed before 7 PM on 5th January will be considered valid. The transactions done after 7 PM will not be evaluated as a part of this campaign.
  • This Offer is voluntary and by participating in the Offer, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  • This Offer will be governed by the laws of India and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai.
  • Staff or relatives of digibank or DBS employees will not be eligible to be a part of any contest or promotional campaigns run by DBS Bank India Limited.
  • All issues pertaining to this offer to be raised within 90 days from the last day of the offer fulfillment. If any dispute or complaint or query raised after 90 days, then the same will not be entertained.
  • All customers who fulfill both the balance maintenance and Debit spends criteria as per the campaign timelines will be considered eligible for the offer .

Campaign Timelines -

Existing Balance considered as on – 17th December 2019

Add Asked balance (to the Existing balance as above) before 25th December 2019, 7 PM

Maintain the (Existing + Asked balances) till 5th January 2020

Debit spend transaction of Rs. 500 or more – before 5th January 7 PM

Balance Addition and Maintenance Criteria:

  • Customers need to add asked amount to the existing balances (existing balance as on 17th December) – customers withdrawing the balances and adding it back again will not be eligible for the vouchers.
  • Existing balance will be considered from campaign start date – 17th December 2019 and balance for the account will be tracked everyday till campaign end date – 5th January 2020.
  • Customer can add the asked amount to the existing balance by 25th December 2019. Existing balance is the balance as on campaign start date i.e. 17th December 2019.
  • Only those customers who maintain the (existing + asked amount) everyday throughout the campaign period till 5th January will be considered eligible for vouchers.

    Let’s say you have been asked to add Rs. 50,000 or more to the existing balances from 18th December to 5th January. Assuming your existing balance as on 17th December is 25,000.

    Then you must add Rs. 50,000 to the existing balances before 25th December – 7 PM and maintain Rs. 75,000 (Existing + Asked additional balance) everyday till the end of campaign period i.e. 5th January 2020.
  • Please note that the customers must maintain the balance everyday throughout the campaign period - transferring existing balance and crediting again to the account before the campaign end date will not be eligible for vouchers as we are looking for balance maintained through the complete campaign period (as per the timelines mentioned above).

Debit Card Spends Criteria:

  • One debit card transaction to be done either online or offline for shopping only, minimum value of Rs. 500.
  • Any transaction done on the last day of the offer period (5th January) after 7 pm will not be eligible for this offer.
  • Customer will only get the offer only when all transactions are complete. All purchase transactions on POS / e-POS (i.e. transactions at merchant outlets and online transactions) made using debit card will be considered as spends for this offer.
  • Shopping purchases (exceptions below) - online or offline (completed payment) will be considered valid for this campaign

Following will not be considered as transactions for this campaign:

  • Any transaction to purely fund a digibank account or any other wallet/Financial instituition associated app/website (e.g. CRED, PayTM, PayUMoney, Mobikwik, Citrus, Airtel Money, RazorPay etc.) will not be considered as debit card spends for this offer.
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs or DBS bank branches, fuel payment, tax payments, insurance or mutual fund purchase will not be considered as a spend for this offer.
  • Any Account or any wallet transfers will not be considered as debit card spends for this offer.
  • In-app transactions (Recharge, Bill Payment, QR code, Payment, UPI) will not be considered as spends for this offer.
  • Payments for online gaming and online gaming websites will not be considered as spends for this offer.
  • Incomplete / rejected / invalid / returned / disputed or unauthorized / fraudulent transactions will not be considered for the offer.
  • DBS Bank may request bills and related proof of purchase, the failure to present this may lead to disqualification.
  • DBS Bank reserves the right to disqualify any customer from the benefits of the offer if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the offer or otherwise by use of the Card.