Towards Zero Food Waste

Changing the way we consume to build a more sustainable future.

Do more, and better, with less

Reducing food waste is one of most impactful ways we can create a better world, both socially and environmentally. To spread this message further, DBS has come on as a main sponsor for MasterChef Singapore Season 2, where contestants will have to learn to cook more, waste less on their iconic culinary journey.

Be part of the solution

If we each take a small step today, we can reach the big solution of tomorrow
We got some insights from the professionals! Audra Morrice, MasterChef Singapore judge shares ideas on how we can all waste less food.

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We visit the set of MasterChef

In this “In The Moment” episode, host Nadia visits the iconic set as preparations were ongoing for an episode that DBS would be part of. She speaks to esteemed judge & chef Damian D’Silva, and her colleagues who got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present a “Towards Zero Food Waste” culinary challenge to the MasterChef contestants.

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Quick Facts about food waste



of all food produced in the world is wasted or lost from farm to fork. This adds up to 1.3 billion tonnes of food.
This can feed


of the world’s population, or 3 billion people


suffer from malnutrition
Singaporeans threw out


million kg of food in 2019 – the weight of 51,000 double-decker buses


of food waste was recycled in 2019


Singapore’s only landfill is expected to run out of space
Food waste is one of the biggest waste streams globally, and has increased by 40 per cent in Singapore over the last ten years. When we throw food away, we are also squandering the time and resources spent growing, harvesting and transporting the food.
Yet, reducing our food waste is one of the most personal, immediate and actionable ways we can make an impact, both socially and environmentally.

Live more Sustainably

Be inspired to create sustainable impact.

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Protecting our natural resources and ecosystems for the well-being of everyone.

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Social Inclusion

Building a world where everyone has equal access to opportunities.

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