Building communication bridges with DeafTawk

Meet Ali Shabbar and Wamiq Hasan, the co-founders of DeafTawk. Through innovative technology, they're unlocking new horizons for the deaf community, one pioneering step at a time.

Watching a captivating series, indulging in melodic tunes, or engaging in lively conversations – these are experiences many of us enjoy without a second thought. Yet, for millions worldwide, navigating a world driven by sound is a daily challenge.  

For Ali and Wamiq, creating DeafTawk wasn't just a fleeting idea – it was a calling, fuelled by their unwavering determination to empower the deaf community. Born blind and deaf respectively, their unique bond transcended boundaries, forging a strong partnership alongside co-founder Abdul Qadeer. Together, they embarked on a mission to revolutionise communication for the deaf, one transformative click at a time. 

Empowering through innovative technology 

At the core of DeafTawk lies a groundbreaking mobile application designed to provide seamless digital sign language interpretation services. With a tap, deaf users can connect with a sign language interpreter within 30 seconds, facilitating effortless communication.  

"We're available 24/7. Deaf individuals can find an interpreter with just one click," Ali emphasised. "We're operating in eight different languages now (Urdu, English, Chinese, Tamil, Malay, Sinhala, Spanish, and Danish), and we have the largest pool of human sign language interpreters."  

Wamiq echoed this sentiment, highlighting DeafTawk's transformative impact on his personal life. "Using the app has had a lot of benefits for a deaf person like me. I'm able to communicate with the general public without relying on anyone but my interpreter," he shared. "The beauty of having a sign language interpreter makes my life easier and allows me to be part of a society – this enables me to thrive and live independently."  

"We believe we can be the 'Google Translator' for the deaf community across the globe," Ali declared. "But with limited numbers of interpreters, AI is the only solution that will help us fill that gap." However, they lacked the resources to realise this idea for their platform. In receiving the DBS Foundation Grant, the AI plan was given a lifeline.  

Leaving a global impact 

From humble beginnings in Pakistan, DeafTawk has expanded its transformative reach to five markets, including Singapore, Sri Lanka, Denmark, and the United States. By partnering with local deaf associations and organizations, the DeafTawk team has ensured cultural and linguistic sensitivity in their services.  

"Our goal is to empower the deaf community globally. We operate in different languages and regions to cater to the diverse needs of deaf individuals worldwide," Ali declared.  

"To other impact entrepreneurs, my advice will be not to give up because the journey might be really hard in the beginning, but at the end, when we have accomplished the goal, then you will realise that it was worth it," Wamiq shares.  

As they continue empowering the deaf community, the DeafTawk team is not just building a business – they're crafting a legacy of inclusivity and accessibility for generations to come. 

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