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The DBS Foundation Grant Award is our flagship programme to recognise, reward and support businesses for impact, both Social Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Since 2014, DBS Foundation has provided more than SGD 13 million in grant funding to over 100 social enterprises and SMEs to scale their business model and deepen their social and/or environmental impact.

The application window is now closed. Leave your contact details and we will reach out when the application opens next year.

Who are we looking for?

Social enterprises and SMEs that have innovative solution(s) to tackle critical social or environmental issues, creating impact for the wider community outside of the company

Seeking social enterprises that are:

  • Businesses with a mission to solve critical social and environmental challenges

Seeking SMEs that are:

  • Pivoting away from their existing core businesses to be sustainable
  • Developing new related product/ service line(s) that generate social or environmental impact.

What do we look out for?

A strong business model with clear value proposition and market traction for the solution
Clear and focused plans to use the grant funding to commercialise and scale the solution over the next 2 years
Strong leadership with a clear commitment towards building a sustainable business for impact. Strong team with relevant expertise and experience.
Measurable impact targets and ability to track key impact indicators
Note: The social enterprises and SMEs must be registered in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, or Taiwan

What can the Grant Award be used for?

The grant award is a recognition towards the sustainability journey that your company has embarked on. The areas of social and environmental impact we support include:

Mitigating the impact of climate change by:
  • Reducing carbon emission and footprint
  • A circular economy that reduces waste
  • Zero food waste, such as reducing food loss along the supply chain, upcycling food waste
Promote food resilience and security by:
  • Promoting sustainable agriculture
  • Improving access to food and nutrition
Improving the lives and livelihoods of marginalised groups by improving access to:
  • Education / skills
  • Employment
  • Financial inclusion
Promoting good health and well-being by improving access to:
  • Healthcare
  • Mental well-being
  • Sanitation
  • Clean water
  • Other well-being solutions

Why should you apply?

The DBS Foundation Business for Impact Grant Award provides holistic support to scale up the business and impact of both social enterprises & SMEs



Ask-Me-Anything Session

Missed the LinkedIn live session on 24 May? View the recording and hear directly from DBS Foundation and Grant Awardees on how to make your application stand out!

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Grant Awardees

Find out more about the social enterprises and SMEs that DBS Foundation has awarded and supported

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • I have prepared my responses in the form template that I have downloaded from the link. Can I send an email to submit my application?

    No. All applications need to be submitted through the online form. Submissions via other means will not be accepted.

  • How will I know if my grant application has been received?

    Successful submissions will receive an auto-generated acknowledgement of receipt of your online application via email

  • There are some mistakes in my application. Can I submit a new form again?

    If your submission is before the deadline of Friday, 23 June 2023, 2359hrs (Singapore time, GMT+8), you may submit a new application form. We will take the latest submission copy for evaluation.

  • My business is working on many different impact solutions that require grant funding. Can I submit a different application for each solution?

    No. We will only accept one application per business. The same business that submits multiple applications for different funding purposes in the same application period will be disqualified.

  • Can I use the Grant to fund expansion plans, product developments, marketing expenditure or hiring in other countries?

    The use of the Grant is not exhaustive as long as it supports the scale up of the impact business solution and social and/or environment mission in an impactful way, and is not used for working capital financing. There is no geographical limitation to where the applicant intends to expand. Where DBS has a presence in the market, we may be able to support you locally.


  • My business is registered as a not-for-profit organisation, can I apply?

    Entities that are registered as not-for-profit, sole proprietorship, charities, religious organisations for religious purposes, election campaigns, general fund-raising drives or event sponsorships will not be eligible for the grant award.

  • My business is a traditional for-profit company, can I apply?

    You will be eligible for the grant award if you are a traditional SME that is either: i) Pivoting from your existing core business to be more sustainable, or ii) Developing a new product/ service line(s) that is seeking to generate social or environmental impact for the wider community outside of the company.

  • Can I apply as an individual before incorporating my business?

    We provide grants to businesses only and not to individuals.

  • My business is not registered in Singapore, can I apply?

    We accept applications from social enterprises and SMEs that are registered as legal business entities in at least one of the following markets: China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan.

  • I applied to the Grant Programme before but was not awarded a grant, can I apply again?

    Yes. Each year, applications are reviewed independently. You may submit a new application again.
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