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You earn and work hard to accomplish your dreams and aspirations at every stage of life. In this journey, you will come across some unexpected financial commitments as well as planned ones like marriage, child education etc. Thus, regular income is an eminent need for everyone at all stages of life.

Introducing ABSLI SecurePlus Plan, a non-linked non-participating individual life insurance savings plan, that provides the benefit of a comprehensive life insurance cover along with regular income, to ensure fulfilment of your family’s financial goals and aspirations.

Key Features

  1. Guaranteed1 Income: Get regular flow of guaranteed income for your chosen Benefit Payout Period to safeguard your savings.
  2. Loyalty Additions: Loyalty Additions as an additional boost to your Income Benefit pay-out.
  3. Commutation Option: Flexibility to receive a discounted value of future survival benefits as a lump sum based on your needs. 
  4. Customizable Benefits: Option to enhance your insurance cover through riders, which are available at a nominal extra cost.

1Provided all due premiums are paid

Key Benefits

Death Benefit 

In case of death of the Life Insured anytime during the Policy Term, provided the Policy is in-force and not under Lapsed or Reduced Paid Up mode, we will pay the “Sum Assured on Death” to your nominee/beneficiary: “Sum Assured on Death” is defined as higher of: 

  1. 150% of Total Premiums paid till the date of death
  2. Sum Assured


Sum Assured is a multiple, depending upon Life Insured’s age at inception of the Policy, of the Annualized Premium.

Annualised Premium (AP) is the amount of premium payable in a year chosen by the Policyholder, excluding taxes, rider premiums, underwriting extra premiums and loadings for modal premiums (if any).

Total Premiums Paid means total of all the premiums received, excluding any underwriting extra premium, any rider premium, taxes and loadings for modal premiums (if any)

Staggered Death Benefit

The nominee/beneficia will have an option to receive the Death Benefit in annual/monthly instalments payable at the end of the year/month instead of a lump-sum, over a period of 5 years

Refer to product brochure for further details.

Survival Benefit

The Survival Benefit applicable is mentioned below:

Income Benefit: Income Benefit, expressed as a percentage of Annualized Premium, will be paid to you which varies by your Age at entry, Premium amount, Premium Payment Term and Benefit Pay-out Period. 

Loyalty Addition: We will enhance your Income Benefit every year during the Benefit Pay-out Period by adding a Loyalty Addition, provided all premiums have been paid during the Premium Paying Term. Loyalty Addition is defined as a percentage of the Income Benefit.

Refer to product brochure for further details.

Maturity –  

At the end of the Policy Term, you will have the flexibility to use the commutation option wherein, at any time on or year end of the Policy Term, if you would like to get a lump sum instead of the Income Benefits, the commuted value of the outstanding benefits shall be paid as a lump sum. This lump sum will be at least equal to the Total Premiums Paid less Survival Benefit, if any, already paid. The commutation option can also be exercised by the Nominee/legal heir the death of the Policy holder.

Type of Plan

Type of Plan

A Non-Linked Non-Participating Individual Savings Life Insurance Plan


All Individuals (Male | Female | Transgender)

Age of the Life Insured at Entry (age as on last birthday)


1* year

* In case the Life Insured is a minor, the Policy will automatically vest once the life insured attains the age of majority. The risk coverage for the minors will start from the policy issue date.


60 years

Maturity Age of the Life Insured (age as on last birthday)


18 years


77 years

Premium Payment Term (PPT) & Policy Term (PT)


Premium Payment Term (Years)



Policy Term (Years)

Benefit pay-out period


6 Pay

6/7/8/9/10/11 year

6/8/10/12 year

8 Pay

8/9/10/11/12/13 year

6/8/10/12 year

10 Pay

10/11/12/13/14/15 year

6/8/10/12 year

12 Pay

12/13/14/15/16/17 year

6/8/10/12 year


Premium Payment Modes and Modal Factors

Annual | Semi-Annual | Quarterly | Monthly






Modal Factors






Minimum Annualized Premium

Rs. 50,000

Maximum Annualized Premium

No Limit (subject to Board Approved Underwriting Policy)

Minimum Sum Assured

Rs. 3,50,000

Maximum Sum Assured

Subject to Board Approved Underwriting Policy

Premium bands

The benefits under this product vary by premium bands as mentioned below:

Premium Bands

Band 1

Band 2

Band 3

Band 4

Band 5

Band 6

Annualized Premium (Rs.)

50,000 to 74,999

75,000 to 1,49,999

1,50,000 to 2,99,999

3,00,000 to 4,99,999


to 24,99,999

25,00,0 00+



1. What happens when you surrender the policy?

You can surrender the policy any time during the Policy Term after the policy has acquired a Surrender Value. Your policy will acquire a Surrender Value after all due premiums for at least two full policy years are paid.

The Surrender Value payable will be higher of Guaranteed Surrender Value (GSV) and Special Surrender Value (SSV).


Guaranteed Surrender Value (GSV) is defined as a percentage of Total Premiums Paid.

Special Surrender Value (SSV) is determined by the Company from time-to-time basis changing economic scenario. The Company may revise the SSV factors based on the then prevailing market conditions. Any change in the methodology/formula for calculating the SSV factors shall be subject to IRDAI approval.

2. What happens when you discontinue paying your premiums?

In case the premium is not paid by the due date, you will be given a Grace Period of thirty (30) days from the due date for payment of each premium for all premium paying modes except for monthly mode, where a grace period of only fifteen (15) days will be allowed. During this Grace Period, your risk cover will continue.

In case the premium is not paid by the expiry of the Grace Period, the following provisions will apply:

A) Discontinuance of Payment of Premium before the Policy has acquired Surrender Value

If you don’t pay the due premium during the grace period, on expiry of the grace period, the Policy shall Lapse w.e.f. the due date of unpaid premium, and all benefits under the policy, including the insurance cover, shall cease and no benefits shall be payable, however, you will have the option to revive the Policy within 5 years from the due date of first unpaid premium.

B) Discontinuance of Payment of Premium aer the Policy has acquired Surrender Value

If you don’t pay the due premium during the grace period, on expiry of the grace period, the Policy shall become Reduced Paid Up (RPU) Policy.

Aer the policy has become RPU, the benefits payable will be amended as follows:

The RPU Sum Assured on Death and RPU Income Benefit shall be equal to the Sum Assured on Death and Income Benefit respectively, multiplied by the RPU Factor,

where the RPU Factor is the ratio of: -

- The number of premium instalments paid to date; over

- The total number of premium instalments originally payable during the Premium Payment Term.

a) Death Benefit for RPU Policies: If the Life Insured dies during the Policy Term, the RPU Death Benefit will be RPU Sum Assured on Death, if any under the Policy. The RPU Death Benefit shall be subject to the minimum of 150% of Total Premiums Paid up to date of death.

b) Survival Benefit for RPU Policies:

  • In the event the Life Insured survives till the end of the Policy Term, RPU Income Benefit (Income Benefit X RPU Factor) shall be payable at the end of each year during the Benefit Payout Period.
  • In case of death of the Life Insured during the Benefit Payout Period, the RPU Income Benefit will continue to be paid to the nominee/ beneficia. The nominee/beneficiacan also opt to receive a lump sum instead of the Income Benefit.

c) Maturity Benefit for RPU Policies: At any time on or aer the completion of the Policy Term, if Policyholder would like to get a lump sum instead of the RPU Income Benefits, the commuted value of the outstanding benefits shall be paid in lump sum. This lump sum will be at least equal to the Total Premiums Paid less Survival Benefit, if any, already paid.

Please Note: No Loyalty Addition will be payable for RPU policies. Rider Benefits, if any, will cease once the policy has acquired RPU status

3. What happens when you wish to revive your Policy? You can revive your policy within a revival period of five years from the due date of first unpaid premium, subject to following conditions:

  • Paying all outstanding premiums together with interest and/or late fees as declared by us from time to time.
  • Providing evidence of Life Insured’s insurability satisfactory to Us
  • Revival of the policy shall take effect only aer revival of the policy is approved by Us basis the Board Approved Underwriting Policy and communicated to you in writing.

Once the policy has been revived, on the effective date of revival, all benefits will be restored to their full value.

For details on benefits, terms and conditions please refer the brochure.


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