Fees and Charges

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Fees and Charges

Effective 1st April 2024

Description of Charges Treasures Account

Total Relationship Value (TRV)*

Emerging Affluent

Rs. 5 Lacs – Rs. 30 Lacs


Rs. 30 Lacs – Rs. 6 Crores

Treasures Private Clients

>= Rs. 6 Crores

Quarterly charge for the non maintenance of TRV

Rs. 1500

Rs. 1500

Rs. 1500

Debit Card

Annual Fees - Primary / Joint Holder




Replacement of lost / stolen / damaged card

Rs. 150



FX Markup on Debit Card




International Cash Withdrawal

Rs. 125 per Transaction



International Balance enquiry / Non-Financial per transaction

Rs. 25 per Transaction



Fund Transfer

Outward Remittance

Rs. 500



Local Currency Cheque Returns

Local Currency Cheque return charges

Rs. 350

Rs. 350

Rs. 350

All below privileges are free of charge


• Monthly Account Statements (including duplicate statements)
• Cheque Book
• Branch Transactions
• Account Closure

Debit Card / ATM

• Debit Card Annual fees - Primary Holder
• Re-generation of Debit Card PIN

Fund transfer

• NEFT & RTGS - Inward / Outward
• Inward Remittances^
• Outward – NEFT and RTGS Returns#
• Returned funds for unapplied outward / inward telegraphic transfer
• ECS / NACH return charges

DD / Collection services

• Cashier Order / Payable at per Demand Draft - Issuance / Reissuance / Cancellation^
• Stop payment of cheque
• FCY draft - Issuance / Reissuance / Cancellation^
• Foreign Currency cheque return
• Cheque Collection under speed clearing
• Outstation Cheque collection
• FCY Cheque Collection^

Other services

• Issuance of Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate
• Old Investigations
• Balance / TDS / Interest / Miscellaneous Certificates
• Telex / Swift enquiry
• Standing Instruction creation / Amendment
• Internet Banking enquiry / Transaction initiation services
• Charges post the free ATM transactions
• Transactions on DBS / Non DBS ATMs outside India

• Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be levied by the bank over and above the charges.

• The bank reserves the right to change these rates / charges or re-negotiate them depending upon relationship of a customer.

• Charges such as non maintenance of TRV, Debit Card Annual Fee, ATM txns will not be levied for empaneled corporates and/or customer receiving salary credit.

#Subject to no transaction / application error on DBS part.

*Total Relationship Value (TRV) is across all accounts in a family and calculated by aggregating average quarterly saving account balances and end of period term deposits, insurance, investments and mortgage loan outstanding. 40% of the net balance of the loan (Home Loan / LAP) will be considered towards TRV computation.

• In case of insufficient balance in your bank account, bank will not be able to recover applicable fees and GST. GST related information will be available in Bank statement.

• Other services: Postages (Registered Post) will be charged at actuals; Courier charges: Free for domestic and Rs. 750 for overseas.

• Remote location payments: Correspondent bank charges of Rs. 50 and applicable charges will apply.

• Charges for Expat account are in line with Treasures account.

^Correspondent bank and third party charges may apply.

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For version effective up to 14th February 2020, click here.

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