Flexi Deposit

At a Glance

With this exclusive account, you enjoy the attractive interest rates of a deposit account with the convenience of a savings account.

Earn while you spend

Withdraw funds while receiving interest on the remaining balance

Higher interest rates

For higher returns

Maximise returns

Account features ensure you get the most from your interest rates

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible deposit

    Start your account with INR 10,000, and save in multiples of INR 1,000 up to a maximum of INR 1,99,99,999 Crores for a period of 374 days

  • Get the most from your interest

    The Fixed Deposit is liquidated in multiples of INR 1 and your balance continues to earn interest at the initial contracted rate. When multiple Fixed Deposits are linked to the Savings account, the last Fixed Deposit created is broken first, to ensure maximum returns

  • Range of balance thresholds

    Balance thresholds for different types of savings accounts linked to your Fixed Deposit are as follows:

    • Savings Plus: INR 50,000
    • Savings Power Plus: INR 2,00,000
    • Treasures Savings: INR 5,00,000