7.50%* p.a. interest on
Fixed Deposits

Maximize your savings with competitive interest rates on DBS Treasures Fixed Deposits. Our accounts offer flexible deposit options, immediate liquidity and a range of deposit terms to line up with your financial goals.

Higher interest rates

For predictable, higher returns

Flexible options

Save over a term that suits you

Choose your income

Multiple interest pay-out options

Awarded by Global Finance 2009-2022.
*T&C apply. For specific tenures only.

Features & Benefits

  • Higher returns for higher deposits

    Preferential rates on high value deposits

  • Tenures to match your plans

    Make deposits over a range of periods – from seven days to five+ years

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  • Income how you need it

    Choose whether to receive interest monthly*, quarterly, or re-investment

*Available at a discounted rate

How to apply for a Fixed Deposit?

Follow these steps to apply for our DBS Bank fixed deposit products:

For digibank users

If you’re using the digibank mobile app

Login to your digibank account

Login to your digibank account

Go to the navigation menu and tap on Deposits

Go to the navigation menu and tap on "Deposits"

Under Deposits, select Fixed Deposits

Under Deposits, select "Fixed Deposit"

Follow instructions to begin investing

Follow instructions to begin investing

If you’re using DBS Bank Internet Banking website

Login in and click on Deposits in the navigation menu

Login in and click on "Deposits" in the navigation menu

Then click on Open New Deposit to start investing

Then click on "Open New Deposit" to start investing

New to digibank?

Open Instant DBS Bank Savings Account in just a few minutes.

Download digibank.

Download digibank.


complete KYC

Fill your details and complete KYC.


Activate your digibank savings account

Activate your DBS Bank savings account.