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S2:E7 A Call to Action

Team DBS reconnects in the face of a new reality, and together they tackle the growing issue of food waste, with the help of an old friend.


LIVE: Thought for Food

Aprons on and green thumbs out... Host Rozz puts comedy peeps Munah and Haresh (Ministry of Funny) to a test in this FB livestream! Find out who proved more future-ready when it came to reducing food waste and living sustainably.

Food and access to food

It’s been a reflective time for each of us. And while our individual takeaways are different, there is one global problem which affects us all – and that is food and access to food.


Quick facts about food waste



of all food produced in world
is wasted or lost
This can feed


the world’s population


suffer from malnutrition

During these difficult times, some of us sought comfort in food, others struggled to fill their plates, even as produce was mounting on farms whose supply chains were suddenly severed.

Yet, despite the necessary lock-downs and challenges, we witnessed so many continue fighting the good fight. This episode is inspired by all the social enterprises & NGOs that DBS works with to conserve and redistribute food waste.

You can be a change-maker

If we each take small steps every day, we can collectively create waves of change. Will you take a small step today?

Gardening with Edibles

Part of creating greater access to food is getting our hands dirty and growing what we eat!

Not only will this healthy hobby yield you and your family fresh veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’ll also help us all better appreciate food production and raise our awareness of unnecessary waste.

As founding partner of NParks’#GardeningwithEdiblesSG initiative, where households can receive free seeds to grown their own vegetables at home, DBS hopes to get everyone engaged with nature while building social bonds and greening the nation.

If you’re on your way to becoming an urban farmer, share with us on Facebook or Instagram a quick tip about growing your own food! Do remember to tag us in your stories and posts with the hashtag #DBSGrows.

Stronger Together

The COVID-19 pandemic also exacerbated the need for food and daily essentials among hard-hit communities in the region.

DBS set up the SGD 10.5 million DBS Stronger Together Fund to help the region. With this fund, we will provide about 4.5 million meals and care packs to those affected, as well as the procurement of diagnostic test kits, personal protective equipment and other medical supplies to help in the fight against Covid-19.

Did you know?

When international travel came to a standstill due to Covid-19, Regional Head of Marketing for DBS Asia Treasures, Adele Tan, found an opportunity to help both the limo drivers who no longer had airport transfers to make, and the beneficiaries of the DBS Stronger Together Fund.

Her efforts to ensure the drivers still had meaningful work in supporting the DBS Stronger Together fund with food deliveries also inspired an important plot point in this episode of Sparks: A Call to Action. Watch out for it!

Meet the #EverydayHeroes working with food

Check out some of our social enterprises and show them a little love and support!

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