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S2:E3 From Grounds Up

The bankers find kindred spirits in two young entrepreneurs with a big dream.

“A minor change in an individual’s behaviour can contribute to a major change in the world.”


Going “green” should be easy

From its Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign to food waste recycling projects, Eco-Greenergy embraces simple, practical and sustainable solutions to ensure that being eco-friendly is easy for any of its customers. They believe that while going green is the goal, user adoption is the key.

Quick Facts about food waste

1.3 billion tonnes

Food wasted globally every year

US$ 1 trillion

Annual value of food waste globally

Blue Whales

Approximate weight of annual global food waste

1 /3

of all food produced across the globe is lost or wasted

50 %

Asia’s contribution to global food waste

2.5 KG

of avoidable food waste is thrown away by an average Singapore home each week

Take Action Now!

Each of us has a role to play to solve the plastic waste problem. Finding ways to reduce plastic waste, manage it responsibly and encourage the creation of viable alternatives will be key to a sustainable future for the region.

Live more, Waste less

Inspired by the Eco-Greenergy story? Here are other social enterprises that are innovating for a better future.

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