“A minor change in an individual’s behaviour can contribute to a major change in the world.”


Going “green” should be easy

From its Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign to food waste recycling projects, Eco-Greenergy embraces simple, practical and sustainable solutions to ensure that being eco-friendly is easy for any of its customers. They believe that while going green is the goal, user adoption is the key.

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Quick Facts about food waste

0 billion tonnes

Food wasted globally every year

US$ 1 trillion

Annual value of food waste globally

Blue Whales

Approximate weight of annual global food waste

1 /3

of all food produced across the globe is lost or wasted

0 %

Asia’s contribution to global food waste

0 KG

of food waste is thrown away by an average Singapore home each week

Take Action Now!

Each of us has a role to play to solve the plastic waste problem. Finding ways to reduce plastic waste, manage it responsibly and encourage the creation of viable alternatives will be key to a sustainable future for the region.

Live more, Waste less

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