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The beautiful country of Canada has emerged as a favourite destination for Indians to immigrate and while you may be residing miles away from your home country, you can still ensure that your financial commitments in India are met. You can easily and quickly remit money to an NRE account and use the funds to facilitate payments for medical emergencies, utility bills, school and college fees, investments and even your family’s everyday expenses.

At a Glance

A DBS Treasures NRE account enables easy transfer of large sums of money from Canada to India as there are no limits on the amount you can deposit in an NRE account. You may choose any transfer channel of your choice and once the money is credited to your NRE account, you will receive an instant SMS and email alert.

Inward Remittances

An NRE account comes with various inward remittance benefits including:

  • Preferential Exchange Rates: Instruct your remittance service to make the conversion from CAD to INR at the time of credit and get preferential exchange rates with DBS Treasures.
  • No Service Charges: Pay no additional services charges for credits to an NRE account from abroad. Only the Fx conversion fees will be levied.
  • 24-Hour Credit: Within 24 hours* of DBS Treasures receiving instructions, the transfer amount will be credited to your NRE account.

*T&Cs Apply

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NRE Account Benefits

  • Open an Account from Anywhere: You can open an NRE account remotely from any part of the world
  • Repatriate Fully and Freely: You can freely repatriate the amount held in your NRE account back to your resident country
  • Avail Benefits on Taxation: Interest earned on an NRE account is tax-free in India
  • Have a Dedicated Relationship Manager: Get assistance from an experienced specialist in case you have any queries
  • Get Higher Interest Rates: Enjoy competitive interest rates on your NRE savings account
  • Make Online Bill Payments: Pay your bills easily, make investments, donate to charities or shop online from your smartphone with our mobile banking services
  • Enjoy Exclusive Privileges: Enjoy special family privileges including global travl and medical assistance, oversead educational concierge, property management services, legal services, etc.
  • Get Instant Credit Notifications: Receive SMS alerts and e-mail notifications when funds are credited into your NRE account

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Service Charges

The bank does not levy any additional service charge for international remittances from Canada to India.

International Funds Transfer Service Charge
Credit to DBS Treasures Account for Inward remittance Free
Returned funds for unapplied OTT / ITT (for inward remittance) All INR 500 + Swift Charges

Money Transfer Options

Though there are several international money transfer options like wire transfers or foreign demand drafts, it is convenient and cost-effective if you send money to your NRE account online. Also, there is no limit on the amount you send per year.

How to Send Money to India Online from Canada

Follow these simple steps to send money from Canada to India quickly:

Step 1: Open a DBS Treasures NRE account. You can do this from anywhere with the help of our dedicated Relationship Managers.

Step 2: Log in to your bank account abroad and choose remittances or a similar option.

Step 3: Enter your Customer ID or mobile number. Your bank account details like the account number and balance may appear automatically on the screen once you enter your mobile number or Customer ID.

Step 4: Add or select your beneficiary DBS Treasures NRE account.

Step 5: Check if your information is correct, e.g. bank account number, SWIFT Code, IFSC code etc.

Step 6: Click 'Submit' or a similar option.

You will receive an SMS or e-mail verification from DBS Treasures once your NRE account is credited.

If you do not have a DBS Treasures NRE account, sign up for one today by reaching out to us.

How to Apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

I wish to remit money from Canada to India. Do I need to visit the bank for the same?

You can choose a convenient method of transfer including online transfers, in which case you will not have to visit a branch.

Can you list the documents I need to submit to initiate a money transfer from Canada to India?

The documents you will need to submit to make a transfer to India will depend on the method of transfer you choose. Check with your local bank or remittance provider about the documents they would need. In addition, you will have to provide all the details of your NRE account.

What is the maximum sum of money I can transfer to an NRE account?

There are no restrictions or upper limit on the amount of money you can transfer to an NRE account.