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Germany serves as a home away from home for many Non-Resident Indians. It offers an unmatched lifestyle, excellent education and access to world-class business and career opportunities. For Indians living and working in Germany, there are many ties to home - financial and emotional.

One of the best ways to send money from Germany to India is via a DBS Treasures NRE account. With this account, you can send money to your family in India for a host of expenses such as home maintenance fees, bill payments or monthly family expenses.


Steps to Transfer Money from Germany to India

Online remittances are the fastest way to send money between any two countries. You can also expect better currency exchange rates with DBS Treasures. Here are easy steps to send money from Germany to India online:

Step 1: Open an NRE savings account with DBS Treasures. You can do this remotely by getting in touch with our Relationship Managers.

Step 2: Log in to your local savings account and choose an option similar to international funds transfer or remittance.

Step 3: Enter your Customer ID or mobile number on the online form; most bank websites will display your bank account details automatically once you enter your Customer ID or mobile number.

Step 4: Select or add your beneficiary account; you need to add a beneficiary only once. In case you have a DBS Treasures NRE account, you can select the same.

Step 5: Check if all the information entered is correct (e.g. account information, IFSC code, SWIFT code, etc.)

Step 6: Click on ‘Submit’ or an equivalent button.

In case your beneficiary account is your DBS Treasures NRE account, you will get an SMS and e-mail confirmation from DBS Treasures that the funds have been credited. With an NRE account, there is no upper limit on the amount you transfer or the frequency of transfers made by you from Germany to India.

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Getting Set Up for Remitting Funds

To transfer funds from Germany to India, all you need is access to internet or mobile banking facilities. If you have not set up your NRE account already, you can do so online from anywhere around the world.

With a DBS Treasures NRE account, you can access preferential exchange rates and faster credits within 24 hours*. Besides, NRE account holders can benefit from 40+ exclusive lifestyle privileges and enjoy competitive interest rates while holding their money tax-free at all times.

*T&Cs Apply.


Service Charges

With DBS Treasures, there are no service charges applicable when you send money from Germany to India. Here’s a look at the other charges:

International Funds TransferService Charge
Credit to DBS Treasures Account for Inward remittanceFree
Returned funds for unapplied OTT / ITT (for inward remittance)All INR 500 + Swift Charges

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no limit on the frequency or number of transfers of funds into your DBS Treasures NRE account.

No, you can deposit funds in a foreign currency in your NRE account. However, you can only maintain these funds in INR. Your money gets converted at a preferential exchange rate after depositing it into your DBS Treasures NRE account. If you want to maintain funds in a foreign currency, you would need to open an FCNR deposit.

No, there is no lower or upper limit on the amount of funds that you can transfer from Germany to India.

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