Redressal of complaints and grievances

At DBS Bank India Limited (DBIL), we want to make sure that you get only the best of service from us, service which you, our valued customer, deserve.

DBS Bank India Limited (DBIL) is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS) of DBS Bank Ltd(DBL). headquartered in Singapore. As a matter of sharing best practices DBIL will draw on experience and expertise of DBL when dealing with complex, long tenor, large or important transactions to ensure that the minimum acceptance criteria of the group are met. Further DBIL will reckon or consider certain policies and standards prescribed by DBL and adopt to Indian regulations to ensure that the operations meet the minimum acceptance criteria of the group.

The bank shall ensure that all the complaints received are recorded and resolved, but shall also ensure effective monitoring / escalation mechanism to ensure customer complaints are resolved in a proper and time bound manner with detailed advice to the customer.

The Bank’s Grievance Redressal policy follows the following principles:

  • Customers are treated fairly at all times.
  • Complaints raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and in a timely manner.
  • Customers are informed of avenues to escalate their complaints within the organization, and their rights if they are not satisfied with the resolution of their complaints.
  • The Bank employees work in good faith and without prejudice, towards the interests of the customers.

Applicability / Coverage:

This policy is applicable to all customers of the bank.


If, at any stage, you feel that our service levels are not up to your expectations, here is what you can do:

Customers who wish to provide feedback or send in their complaint may use the following Channels available with the Bank:

Customer Care

Please contact us either via the Chat icon in your digibank mobile app or reach us through our customer service helpline numbers - 1860 267 1234 / 1800 209 4555 in India or our overseas customer service number +91 44 6685 4555.

E-mail: DBS India Customers can email us by clicking here.

Business Care

Corporate customers may contact business care on 1800 103 6500 / 1800 419 9500 / +91 44 4334 6600 (Overseas Number). Operation of Business Care is from Monday to Friday, 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM (excluding Public Holidays).

E-mail: DBS India Corporate Customers can email us by clicking here.


Please write to your relevant Branch Customer Service Managers, giving details of your issues / concerns

We shall respond to your complaint within 3 working days.

Escalation Levels

Level 1 - City Heads / Branch Managers

In case our Customer Service Managers fails to contact you within 3 working days, or if you are not satisfied with the response, please write to the explaining the details of the concern. You will receive a response within a period of 3 working days of the City Business Head / Branch Head receiving the complaint.

Customers are required to quote the complaint reference number provided to them in their earlier interaction with the Bank, to help us understand and address their concerns.

Level 2 - Nodal Officer

If you are still not satisfied with the resolution you receive, please write to the Nodal Officer and We shall respond to your complaint within 7 working days.

Ms. Kaunain Esmile 
Nodal Officer 
DBS Bank India Limited 
16th Floor, Express Towers 
Nariman Point 
Mumbai – 400 021. 
Tel – +91 22 66147578 
Email –

We shall respond to your complaint within 7 working days.

Please click here for contact details of our Senior Management.

Timelines for Complaint Resolution

Suitable timelines have been set for every step depending upon the investigations / related regulation which would be involved in resolving the same. Once the complaint is examined, the Bank will be sending a final response to the customer or an intimation seeking more time to investigate the same.

Certain queries where there are dependencies on external parties for a resolution warrant a higher TAT towards resolution. Mentioned below are an indicative example of requests / complaints.

  • CCTV footage retrieval from Acquirer Banks
  • Disputed POS /ePOS transaction – Request raised to acquirer through network/ third party aggregators
  • Disputed Mvisa transactions can take 45 calendar days
  • Grievances related to Technology

Customer Service Committees of the Bank

  1. Branch Level Customer Service Meetings
    The Branch Level Customer Service Meetings are conducted every month at the branches. This forum is specially designed for customers to share their customer feedback / suggestion to improve the services provided at our branch. Senior Citizens customers of the branch are also invited to these forums and encouraged to share their views on branch service.
  2. Standing Committee on Customer Service
    The committee shall meet at periodic intervals, to review the use of grievance redressal initiatives like access through toll free numbers, help-line, mails, online complaints etc. Review the number of complaints received and redressed during the quarter. Analyse and discuss the feedback received in the Branch Level Customer Committee meetings.

    Monitoring and Review:

    The analysis of customer complaints shall include
    • Types of customer complaints
    • Turnaround Times of complaints resolution
    • Top reasons/ areas of complaints
    • Root cause analysis.

    The committee also ensures that DBS Bank India Limited is compliant with all RBI regulations with regards to customer service and complaints.
  3. Customer Service Committee of the Board (CSCB)
    The CSCB shall review the various customer service initiates implemented by the bank from time to time and discuss on new initiatives to enhance the customer experience. CSCB will overlook the implementation of customer service guidelines issued by the regulatory bodies from time to time and suggest changes to existing processes and polices to improve overall service levels. CSCB will also review the functioning of the Standing Committee on Customer Service and oversee the effectiveness of the grievance redressal mechanism of the Bank.

The grievance redressal policy will be revised from time to time when there are any new changes incorporated by the Bank in handling complaints / grievances. It will also be revised in the event of any new regulations, revisions / amendments released by regulator (RBI / IBA etc).

Complaint Analysis

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Banking Ombudsman Scheme

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