Key Takeaways

  • SATs assess a student's readiness for attending college
  • SAT is categorised into three types - Standard SAT, SAT with Essay and SAT Subject Test
  • All students appearing for SATs must pay the SAT Registration Fee of $101
  • Additional fees apply to SAT with Essay and SAT Subject Tests
  • Extra SAT Fees are levied for need-based services

SAT Exam Fees - An Overview

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a standardised test developed by the College Board. It is typically taken by high school students on the cusp of attending college. SAT measures students’ aptitude on three scales – Evidence-based Reading and Writing, Mathematics, and Essay.  The cost for SAT depends on whether you choose the standard SAT or SAT with Essay or the SAT Subject Test. SAT Fees are charged in US dollars or the equivalent amount in INR. If you're preparing for your SATs, this starter kit on SAT exam fees can come in handy.

SAT Registration Fee for Indian Students

Name of the Test

SAT Exam Fees

Standard SAT


SAT with Essay


SAT Registration Fees for Subject Test

Name of the Item

SAT Exam Fees


Registration Fee


Includes 1 test date where the student can take 1, 2, or 3 SAT subject tests

Each SAT Subject Test

$22 per additional test

Excluding Language Test + Listening

Note that the College Board has discontinued the SAT subject tests in the USA. It has also temporarily suspended the test in international locations. As per the latest update, the Subject Tests in international locations are expected to resume from June 2021.

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Additional SAT Fees

Besides the standard SAT registration fee, you also need to consider the additional, registration-linked SAT exam costs These fees are circumstantial and may or may not apply to every student. Do note that the additional fees apply to all 3 types of SAT tests i.e. Standard SAT, SAT with Essay, and SAT Subject Test. Here is a breakdown of the additional, need-based SAT prices.

Name of the Item

SAT Fees


Phone registration


Available only to student's who have previously registered for SAT

*Change fee


Applicable if the student desires to change the test centre, test date, or SAT to SAT Subject Test or the other way round. 

SAT late registration fee


Applies on registering after the regular deadline but before the late registration deadline.

Waitlist fee


Levied only if the student is admitted to the test centre on the applicable test date.

*In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the College Board has currently waived all change fees associated with SAT test cost.

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SAT Test Prices for Additional Score Services

The College Board also levies a suite of need-based SAT exam prices for additional services related to scores and reports.



SAT exam fee



Registration score report


4 registration scores available for up to 9 days after taking the test


Extra score report request

$12 per extra report

Applicable to additional reports outside of the 4 available


Rush order


Scores sent to college within 1-2 business days. Also applies to extra score reports.


*Scores by phone

$15 per call

Released as per online scores schedule; students can call customer service and provide test registration number, DOB, & credit card details to get scores by phone.


Archived scores order


Order old test scores via phone or mail


**Multiple-choice hand score verification


Students can request hand-scoring of multiple-choice questions. A Fee is levied for manually reviewing the entire answer sheet, not just a single section of the SAT or SAT Subject Test taken on the same day.


SAT question & answer service


Students can request test questions, correct answers and instructions for the specific test they took. They need to fill a form to order a copy of their answer sheet.


SAT Student Answer Service


Students can request question types from the test they took to check the level of difficulty and if they answered questions correctly, incorrectly or omitted them. This SAT fee is refunded if the order is unfulfilled or if the student missed the test date.


Essay hand score verification


Verifies errors in scanning or processing essay scores assigned by essay readers. Scores are adjusted and the fee is refunded if errors are found.

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Terms and Conditions

Articles mentioned in Serial Numbers 1-6 apply to all forms of the SAT exams, the remaining are applicable only to Standard SAT and SAT with Essay.

*To get SAT scores by Phone, international students appearing for the test can call 212-713-7789. You can also call this number for any test related queries

**Students who request hand score verification will be unable to see their full online score report. Their access to Student Answer Service for hand scored answer sheets will also be restricted.

Students can also utilise digibank by DBS remittance services and book spot for the SATs online!

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SAT Cancellation Fees & Refunds

The College Board gives you the choice to reschedule your appointment if you intend to appear for the exam in future. However, if you decide to cancel your appointment altogether, you can apply for a refund, at least 5 days prior to your test date.

You will be eligible for a partial refund of only $10, irrespective of how much in advance you choose to cancel the registration, or whether you signed up for the SAT General or SAT with Essay. SAT processes refunds after six weeks of the test date. Also, if you ordered extra score reports at the time of registration, the sums for the same will be refundable only if you are absent on the test date. You may also apply to cancel your additional score reports and receive a refund, provided you place your cancellation request within 24 hours, for orders which have not been processed or sent. SAT fees paid towards rush score reports are non-refundable. Any fees paid towards Student Answer Service and Question-and-Answer Service is refundable only if your order has not been fulfilled or if you were absent on the test date. Note that all refunds are processed back to the source account or in your original form of payment.

The College Board also permits you to add or remove the SAT Essay component test on the test day, provided staff and test materials are available. You will also be eligible for a refund of the essay portion if you are able to add/remove the SAT essay component on the test date1.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to send my SAT scores to more than 4 schools covered as part of my SAT fees. What will the SAT cost for the same be?

If you wish to send scores to more than 4 schools, you need to pay an additional $12 per extra report. For example, if you wish to send your scores to 7 schools in total, you will have to pay an extra $12x3 = $36.

I wish to give the SAT subject test. How much will it cost me?

The cost of the SAT subject test depends on whether you appear for the SAT standard test (which costs $101) or SAT with Essay (which costs $117), along with the SAT fee for your preferred subject ($22 per subject). So, the fee for standard test + subject test, will be $101 + $22 = $123, and the fee for SAT with Essay + subject test will be $117 + 22 = $139.

Can I take SAT Subject Tests in multiple subjects and how much will it cost me?

Yes, you may appear for multiple SAT subject tests by paying $22 per subject. For instance, if you choose to appear for 3 subject tests, it will cost you an extra $66. Thus, if you choose, Standard test + 2 subjects, your SAT cost will be $101 + $ 66 = $167.

What are the accepted modes of remitting my SAT fees?

You can remit your SAT fees via your digibank by DBS credit card. You can also pay the fees through the PayPal digital wallet, money orders or cheques drawn in favour of “The College Board”. Cheques should be drawn of US banks only