Education Loan Interest Rates

Note: The education loan information on this page is provided only for the information of the website users, DBS Bank doesn’t offer this product at the moment.

Education Loan Interest Rates

Fuel your dreams with the best education loan interest rates.


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
                                               - Benjamin Franklin

Education Loan Interest Rates

Have your heart set on a course at an Ivy League university? Studying abroad will expose you to a wealth of opportunities to secure that coveted job or work on an idea that can change the world.Applying to a university abroad is a long-drawn and costly process. One of the most important tasks is arranging for funds to pay for your stay and tuition . The best way to go about it is to apply for an education loan.

Student loan at a glance

  1. Hassle-Free: Apply online from the comfort of your home

  2. Attractive interest rates: Education loan interest rates are competitive and student-friendly

  3. Flexible repayment: With a choice of loan tenures and repayment options, an education loan is convenient

  4. Reduced tax liability: Your education loan interest payment can get you an income-tax deduction under Section 80E


Education loan
interest rates

Given the global aspirant that you are, no university is out of reach for you. Education loan interest rates are generally quite low. These student loans cater to students' specific needs at affordable interest rates, and are subject to change. You can check and compare the current student loan interest rates online, before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

For which courses can I apply for an education loan?

Most banks will give you an education loan for a graduate, post-graduate or Master's degree course. A few may even consider diploma or professional courses provided you have enrolled from the top-tier universities abroad.

When should I apply for my education loan?

You can apply for an education loan any time during your journey of applying to universities and getting admitted.

Is there income tax benefit on the interest component of an education loan?

Yes. According to the Income Tax Act ofIndia, you can claim a deduction on education loan interest under Section 80E.

Can I transfer my education loan to another bank to get a lower interest rate?

Yes. You may be able to transfer your education loan from one bank to another if you want to benefit from a lower interest rate.