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Calculate your loan EMI amount in seconds

Calculate your loan EMI amount in seconds

EMI Calculator

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Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Monthly EMI

₹ 11,505

Principal Amount

₹ 5,00,000

Total Interest

₹ 1,90,300

Total Amount

₹ 6,90,300

Say Hello to Our EMI Calculator!

To invest in our dreams, we often get a loan from a financial institution. It can be an education loan to pursue your desired course, or a home loan to buy your dream house by the beach. The payment for these loans is in the form of Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs). We use an EMI Calculator online to understand what we need to pay each month, to be able to lead each day of our lives in the best way possible.

What is EMI?

Let's say Kiara took a business loan. While she is building her empire, she will repay the borrowed amount and interest to the bank. She will either repay the amount in a lump sum or pay a particular amount every month for a predetermined time. This outstanding amount which is paid over some time is called an EMI or equated monthly installment.

Kiara agrees with loan tenure, interest rates and terms and conditions before signing the dotted line.

To get an idea of how much EMI to pay, she will use an EMI Calculator.

How to use an EMI Calculator?

Here is the formula that Kiara will use to calculate the EMI on her business loan:

E = P * r * (1+r)^n / [(1+r)^n-1]

Here E stands for EMI, P is the principal loan amount, r is the interest rate calculated monthly, and n is the loan's tenure/duration.

You needn't worry about remembering this because the online EMI calculator will calculate the EMI for you.

You have to follow two simple steps to calculate the EMI on any loan:

  • Enter the amount of loan you seek, rate of interest, and tenure.
  • Hit 'calculate.'

Your EMI will be displayed sooner than you can blink your eyes!

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What are DBS EMI Calculator Key Features and Benefits?

The digibank EMI Calculator is designed to make your life easier. Let's take a look at the EMI Calculator Key Features:


The EMI Calculator's accuracy can be unparallel. You do not have to verify, corroborate, or second-guess.

Free usage

You do not have to shell out even a paisa to use the EMI Calculator. It is entirely free to use, without any hidden terms or conditions.

Now that you know how awesome an EMI Calculator is, let's look at how it benefits you.

Saves time

No messy calculations, no need to get a book or a pen. You can head to the EMI Calculator page and insert the values to know the EMI amount. It is instantaneous and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere in the universe with decent internet connectivity.

Helps with financial planning

You need to know the realistic EMI that you can pay to plan an effective monthly budget. With dozen other expenditures a month, you will need to arrive at an affordable EMI. An EMI Calculator helps with just that. You can play around with the principal amount, tenure and interest rates to find an EMI suitable to you.

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Types of EMI Calculators

If there is a loan that can help fulfil your dreams, there is an EMI Calculator for it.


Housing Loan EMI Calculator

Got your eye on that stunning duplex apartment with the sea view? Use the online EMI Calculator to figure out what EMI agrees the most with your savings account. You will need to know the principal amount you wish to borrow, the home loan's tenure, and the interest rate that feels most agreeable to you. The amount you can borrow will depend on your eligibility and repayment capacity.


Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Want to attend an expensive but brilliant course abroad? Or want to feed the tech bug in you by buying the latest tech? Or want to check-off 'See the Northern Lights' from your Bucket List but falling short of funds? Well, a personal loan will get you to Iceland in no time, and an EMI Calculator will help you figure out what EMI amount you can pay for that memorable trip. Plan your next adventure with a little help from the Personal Loan EMI Calculator.


Loan Against Property EMI Calculator

There is a reason why owning property is such a goal for most people. It can be used to secure a loan from a financial institution. Whether you need money to plan that lavish dream wedding or pay your medical bills, you can get a loan against property. Use an EMI Calculator online to understand the different combinations of the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate possible. Adjust the values till you come to an EMI amount about which you feel confident. Go ahead, leverage your property to fund yet another dream of yours.

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EMI Calculator FAQs

An EMI is a monthly amount you pay to the lender- the bank-, as a way of repaying the loan amount you borrowed. The EMI amount is based on the loan amount, loan tenure, and rate of interest.
The EMI will be deducted from your chosen DBS account on the same date every month till the end of the loan tenure. It is an automatic process.
The loan amount that you seek from the bank is known as the 'Principal Amount'. This amount excludes the interest on the loan and any loan processing fee.
The prevailing interest rate changes from time to time. Contact the bank, visit the website, or download digibank to know the current Rate of Interest applicable on your chosen loan.
Yes, as long as you know the principal amount, tenure, and rate of interest, you can use the same EMI Calculator for all types of loans - housing loan , education loan, business loan, personal loan.
The bank may or may not charge a penalty for a missed EMI payment as per their discretion. The tenure of your loan will also increase depending on the number of missed EMIs. Additionally, this may affect your credit score with the relevant authorities. It is advisable to discuss the terms and conditions related to loan repayment with the bank.
Most loans offer prepayment options. You may incur some prepayment charges. It is recommended that you consult with the bank to know the terms and conditions of loan prepayment.