Frequently Asked Questions

What is Group Personal Accident(GPA) Insurance plan and what are its benefits?
This is fully customized product exclusively for DBS customers. This product lets you choose protection to suit both your needs as well as your budget. It offers year-round coverage against accident across the globe.
What are the key benefits (in detail) in the GPA policy that is offered to DBS customers?
  • Covers Accidental death for up to Rs 20 lakhs.
  • Covers Permanent Total Disablement up to 50% or 100% of the chosen SI depending on extent of loss.
  • Covers Permanent Partial Disablement up to the defined % of the chosen SI depending on type of loss.
What is Permanent Total Disablement?
In the unfortunate event of permanent total disability of the insured, either 50% or 100% of Sum Insured will be paid to the insured as per the table below. 

Coverages Sum Insured (Rs)
2 limbs (hands/foot) 100%
2 eyes 100%
1 eye and 1 limb 100%
1 limb 50%
1 eye 50%
What is Permanent Partial Disablement?
In the unfortunate event of permanent partial disability of the Insured person, a defined percentage of the Sum Insured will be paid to the Insured person as per the table below. 

Sl.No Type of Loss % of Sum Insured
1 Loss of toes all 20
Great toe both phalanges 5
Great toe one phalanx 2
Other than Great, if more than one toe lost for each toe 1
2 Loss of hearing both ears 75
3 Loss of hearing one ear 30
4 Loss of four fingers and thumb of one hand   40
5 Loss of four fingers   35
6 Loss of thumb Both phalanges 25
one phalanx 10
7 Loss of index finger three phalanges 
two phalanges 
one phalanx
8 Loss of middle finger three phalanges 
two phalanges 
one phalanx
9 Loss of ring finger three phalanges 
two phalanges 
one phalanx
10 Loss of little finger three phalanges 
two phalanges 
one phalanx
11 Loss of metacarpals first or second (addl) 
third, fourth or fifth (addl)
12 Any other permanent partial disablement Percentage as assessed by the panel doctor of Royal Sundaram.
What are the medical check-ups that I need to undergo to enrol myself?
No medical check-up is required for buying this policy.
Who can I talk to about my claim?
All queries related to claims can be made at this number. 
Toll Number – 1860 425 0000 
Timings – 8 am to 8 pm (Monday to Saturday)
How can I get a claim form?
A claim form is available at all Royal Sundaram branches. Claim forms of all products are available in our at the web site or can be availed at a request to [email protected]. The same can be downloaded & used for making a claim. Alternatively, it can be requested from the call centre to be couriered.
How to make a claim?
The claim form with all the necessary documents is to be couriered at the below address. 

Accident & Health Claims Department 
Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co.Limited 
6th Floor, Vishranthi Melaram Towers, 2/319, 
Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), Karapakkam, 
Chennai – 600 097. 

The documents required for the claims can be found here.
In how many days should the claim form be submitted?
It should not be more than 30 days from the date of incident.
In how many days will Royal Sundaram pay the claim to the customer?
If all documents are in order the claims will be settled within 2 weeks.
What are the major exclusions under this policy?
  • Intentional Self Injury / Suicide
  • While under the influence of intoxicating liquor & drugs
  • While engaging in Aviation or other dangerous sports like mountaineering and ballooning
  • Venereal Diseases, Aids or Insanity
  • War or Nuclear Radiations
  • Pregnancy
What is the process to cancel this policy?
You can call Royal Sundaram on their Toll Number 1860 425 000 and quote your policy certificate number and the master policy number mentioned in your certificate of insurance and request for cancelling the same. You can also email them on [email protected]
How much refund will I get, if I cancel mid-way in a policy year?
Your cancellation request will be processed and you will be refunded the premium, after retaining the applicable premium for the period of cover enjoyed by you. This will be done based on the below table of short period rates.

Period under cover % of annual premium to be retained
Less than 1 month 25% of annual rate
between 1 month and 3 months 50% of annual rate
between 3 months and 6 months 75% of annual rate
Above 6 months Full annual premium
What do I do if I do not get my policy document, after I have made the payment successfully?
There will be an instant policy trigger as soon as you make the payment. If for any reason you do not get this policy by mail, please call customer services on 1860 425 0000, for assistance. The policy document will be emailed to you.
If I lose my policy document, can I get a copy of the same?
While we will request you to keep your policy in a safe place at all times, in the event of it getting lost, you can call or mail Royal Sundaram for an alternate copy of your policy. This will be emailed to you, on receiving your request.
What if I need to complain or need more assistance?
For any queries relating to this product, please contact Royal Sundaram on their customer services toll number 1860 425 0000 or email at [email protected]. You can also visit their corporate office at the below address. 

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited 
Vishranthi Melaram Towers, 6th,7th & 8th Floor, 
No. 2 / 319, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR) 
Chennai – 600097