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When you stay away from your home country, your responsibilities do tend to increase. One such responsibility each NRI has is to send money to his or her loved ones back home in India. There are several methods, and the most common is through foreign currency demand drafts. Demand drafts (DD) need to be drawn in favour of your beneficiary or recipient. Foreign currency demand drafts can be used to make different kinds of payments.


Features & Benefits

Banks in India offer facilities to remit money to India through demand drafts. A foreign currency DD has several benefits. Here they are:

  • It is a low-cost option, though you do have to pay a fixed fee and applicable service tax, both are minimal
  • These cannot be misused because the beneficiary’s details have to be mentioned
  • Foreign currency demand drafts can be issued in various currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, SGD, and so on
  • If your bank has arrangements with a large number of corresponding banks across the globe, the process becomes easier
  • These drafts can be drawn up to any amount as per the Foreign Exchange Management Act ( FEMA) rules

Process/Time to transfer

Here’s an outline of the process and time for sending money through a foreign currency DD:

  • You can download the demand draft request form (Payment Application Form) by clicking here
  • A typical request form will ask you for the following information:
    • Name of the recipient
    • Name of the sender
    • Amount to be transferred
    • The location where the transferred money needs to be paid
    • Mode in which transferred amount needs to be paid. It could either be in cash for though bank account
    • Mode in which you will pay money to the bank. It could be in either cash or cheque
  • If a demand draft is lost, one can request for a duplicate
  • Time taken for the money to be remitted is generally between 7-28 days

How to Apply

Locate us Visit us at your nearest DBS branch
Call 1860 267 1234 / 1800 209 4555 / +91 44 6685 4555

Frequently Asked Questions

Sending money to India through a demand draft is safe because it is issued in the name of the beneficiary. So even if the draft is lost or stolen, it cannot be misused.

Currency conversion charges are applicable to convert the amount to Indian rupees. The prevailing exchange rates will be considered.

You can apply for a foreign currency DD online; alternatively, you can download a demand draft request form (Payment Application Form) and submit it at the DBS Bank branch.

Demand drafts can be used to make payments in other countries. This could be university fees or home loan payments. It could also involve medical expenses and to pay for migrating costs to other countries etc.

If a foreign currency demand draft is lost or misplaced, you can request a duplicate demand draft. Cancelling a demand draft and issuing a new one will incur a fee.

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