DBS Global Indian Account

DBS Bank offers you a power packed Savings Account with convenient features and charge-free banking options. So now you can bank and transact without the stress of having fees levied on your transactions.

Every Global Indian needs to repatriate or remit funds back home to India, have Indian income deposited in a local bank account, make deposits from surplus funds and also keep a tab on the money flow to and from the foreign-based account. Offering quick, convenient and charge-free services to its valued customers, DBS Treasures opens a window to seamless international banking transactions that connect India to wherever Global Indians may be located.

Non-Resident External (NRE) Accounts

A Non-Resident External (NRE) Account offers our valued customers the opportunity to access his or her funds saved in his or her Indian bank account, whenever required. Global Indians can repatriate Indian rupees in foreign currencies as required, apart from transferring foreign currency to India so that their surplus funds can earn interest in India.

Features of the NRE account:

  • The monies are completely repatriable and tax free.
  • Primarily set up to facilitate the transfer or foreign currency to India or to keep INR savings in an Indian bank account.
  • Can be opened as savings account in Indian rupees.
  • DBS offers a high savings interest rate of 4% on NRE deposits.
  • Get a complimentary international Platinum Debit Card.

How to apply

  • Open a DBS NRE account by clicking on this link and following directions.
  • Fill the online application form for NRE accounts here.

Non Resident Ordinary (NRO) Accounts

NRO accounts are useful for Global Indians that have business interests or earnings from India. The account helps in conveniently depositing Indian earnings accrued from rent on owned properties, dividends and returns from investments, pension or other sources of income. DBS Treasures offers Global Indians the opportunity to deposit Indian Rupees in their NRO accounts and manage the funds from across the world.

Features of the NRO Account:

  • A savings account in an Indian bank to manage Global Indian's income earned in India from various sources.
  • The NRO account can be managed from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or computer.
  • If foreign currency is deposited in the NRO account, it is converted to INR as per prevalent forex rates. All withdrawals are made in INR only.
  • You can transfer funds between two or more NRO accounts.
  • We offer a high interest rate of 4% on NRO deposits.
  • Repatriate up to USD1 million per financial year
  • Get a complimentary Platinum Debit card (for use in India) on opening the account.

How to apply:

  • Open a DBS NRO account by clicking on this link and following directions.
  • Fill the online application form for NRO accounts here.
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Get In Touch

Call Us: 1800 209 4555

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