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At a Glance

As an NRI, taking care of your family and loved ones in India may sometimes take precedence over your own well-being. At DBS Treasures, we understand how your family is important for you and aim to prioritise your financial needs to help you be there for them, always.

DBS Treasures priority account for NRIs gives you access to privileges beyond conventional banking. Our specialised services and customer support are available at every step of your journey with us.

Features and Benefits

Our NRI priority account is one of the best in the world. With DBS Treasures, you can be the first to access research reports and timely market insights from across the world. You can also look forward to incredible experiences that we curate for you and your family.

Let us look at the advantages of priority services:

Investments and Remittance

With DBS Treasures priority banking for NRIs, you can choose from a host of banking and wealth products designed specifically to meet your financial needs. Stay ahead of the others with detailed research and analysis reports from DBS Group Research as you explore the latest opportunities available in India. Your dedicated Relationship Manager and team of experienced specialists are here to support you so that you can meet both your short-term and long-term goals.

If you have family in India who needs your financial support from time to time, you can send money to them through your NRI priority account. You can also have access to preferential rates on currency conversion and high-speed transfers.

Remote Banking

At DBS Treasures, you can open your NRI priority banking account remotely from the comfort of your home. Once your account is active, all your banking needs are on the tips of your fingers. Through mobile or internet banking, you can access and manage your portfolio anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy super-secure logins, super-fast remittances, super-smooth navigation and super-fast payments through our internet and mobile banking platforms.

Explore the World in Style

Do you plan to travel? With a DBS Treasures priority account for NRIs, we ensure that you are our priority even when you travel. You can get exclusive lounge access and premium services at major international airports. If you are in India, we can arrange pick-up, drop-off or meet-and-greet services across airports.

You can get worldwide assistance with over 250 DBS Bank branches globally. No matter the place or situation, your Relationship Manager will assist you.

At DBS Treasures, NRI priority account holders can get preferential outward remittance rates, attractive interest rates on NRI fixed deposits, free unlimited ATM withdrawals when they visit India and much more.

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The following can open an NRI priority banking account:

  • Has to be an NRI
  • A citizen of India residing outside India for business, employment or education
  • An individual posted in the UN Organisation or an official deputed abroad by the Government of India or public sector entities
  • Indian nationals who are mariners or seafarers working in registered foreign airlines or oil rigs
  • PIO (Person of Indian Origin)/OCI (Overseas Citizen of India)
  • Has held an Indian passport at any point
  • A person whose parent or grandparent was a citizen of India under the Constitution of India or India Citizen Act 1955
  • A spouse of an Indian Citizen or spouse of a PIO

Documentation Required

For an NRI:

  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Proof of NRI status, by way of a valid employment/residence visa copy or a work/residence permit
  • Proof of overseas and Indian address
  • Copy of an Indian PAN card or Form 60
  • Recent passport size coloured photographs
  • Additionally, for seafarers: Current work contract and copy of a CDC along with the last page of disembarkation stamp & FEMA declaration to confirm NRI status

For a PIO (Person of Indian Origin):

  • Copy of valid passport
  • Copy of valid PIO/OCI card or any other proof of PIO status
  • Proof of overseas and Indian address
  • Filled and signed PIO declaration
  • Copy of an Indian PAN card or Form 60
  • Recent passport size colour photographs

Fees and Charges

To understand the fees and charges related to our Priority Banking Account, please click here.

How to Apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

In what currency is my DBS Treasures NRI priority account maintained?

Your DBS Treasures NRI priority account is maintained in Indian rupees.

Can I add a nominee to my priority banking account for NRIs?

Yes, you can register a nominee for this account.

Is it possible to assign a Power of Attorney for this account?

Yes, you can assign a Power of Attorney for your NRI priority account; however, the person will have limited access.