We need to be in a million places, doing a million things and pleasing a multitude of people. How often do you take the time to really experience something new and truly get the most out of life?

Whether it’s going away for a mini-break with your family or seeing a part of Singapore you’ve never been to, there are a number of ways to do the things that really matter, see the world around us and ultimately, feel more with family and friends. Let’s celebrate what it means to Live More.

5 places in Singapore that will send you to art nirvana

Our city has much artistic talent on display – you just have to know where to look. See more of Singapore’s creative side by checking out these five artistic hotspots.

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5 must-try dining experiences to kick-start the year of the Rooster

Eating or "makan" as we say in Singapore, is one of the islands' favourite pastimes. It's no wonder that we're a foodie's paradise! Staying true to this label, here are some unique dining experiences for you to explore in 2017.

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3 easy ways to make a difference in the world every day

Giving back to society is easier than you think. Volunteering your time, donating money or performing small conscience-driven acts are commendable, but nothing compares with living your life in a socially responsible manner every day. Starting to feel more for the community around you and inspired to do more in 2017? Here are three easy ways to get started.

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5 crowd-free travel destinations

Most travel hotspots today are crowded with tourists – or so you would think! The world still offers some hidden gems that haven’t been overrun by tourism yet. Here are some ideas to help you see more in 2017.

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Travel across romantic France through its cuisine

Savour an epicurean journey to beautiful France through your tastebuds with these gourmet recipes. You’ll get to experience the land of exquisite, fine dining from the comfort of your own kitchen!

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5 great money habits you should cultivate

Although Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the most expensive cities to live in, a six-figure saving can be amassed here in a shorter time then you think! Here are some quick tips that will have a huge impact on your nest egg.

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Want to change the world?

Once in a while, we come across those crazy, mind-blowing, cool stuff that somebody out there in the world has created. From edible water bottles to a wearable on-demand masseuse, check out these five cool social innovations that are not only helping to make our lives easier but also tackling global issues in new and creative ways.

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5 things we rush to do, that no one really likes

Yes, we’ve all been there before.
Huffing and puffing as we rush to be in multiple places to complete necessary tasks.
Ever wished you had more time on your hands?

Check out how some innovations help you save time, for the things that truly matter in your life.

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3 fun things every Singaporean family should do

You’ve watched movies; you’ve been to dinner. You’ve been ignored by the cats in cat cafes; you’ve been rained on in Gardens by the Bay. You’ve enjoyed all the activities that bring a typical Singaporean family closer together, and are always on the lookout for more great ways to bond!

Here are some alternative ideas to help your family to feel more and better connect with each other on your next outing.

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Join the delicious revolution

Valarie Teo has had to overcome many health challenges throughout her life, going from being a patient of bulimia to a health food entrepreneur. She lives by the mantra “One by one, step by step”, helping her move forward and do something she loves. In this film, we explore Valerie’s journey, from her lowest point, to doing more in her life and helping others along the way.

Capture precious moments

Ivan and his son Dylan share the same love for travel and photography, and they're always on the lookout for something interesting. Hear how being behind the lens has helped them to bond and see the world from a different perspective.

What kind of hobbies do creative people have?

A great hobby can do miracles in boosting creativity and entrepreneurial thinking. What kind of hobbies do the most creative people have? We ask these successful Singapore-based entrepreneurs how their hobby helps them to do more for their businesses.

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Take a Coffee Break

Faye Sai's story is one of incredible loyalty, courage and familial feelings. At first it was a family choice/decision to help her dad with the store. It quickly became a career choice as she fell in love with the F&B industry. Now Faye wants to bring the Singaporean "Kopi" culture to the world! Find out how working with her family on a daily basis makes her feel more love for them and strengthens their familial bond.

10 websites that will make you smarter

There are so many ways to do more with your life. From learning a new recipe to developing coding skills, the web is a mine of great resources to do more, without burning a hole in your pocket. Here’s a list of 10 sites to get you started.

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We take you behind the scenes with the Wildcards Cheerleading Team, Asia Cheerleading Invitational Championships 2015 Champions, for a peek at the sweat, tears, and sometimes, blood, that go into a perfect performance. For the team members, the gruelling practices and challenges they face to achieve excellence are all part of their journey. Their determination and passion was the spark that inspired DBS to provide new, professionally designed and made uniforms and a platform to showcase their talent at the DBS Marina Regatta 2015.


For Jie Hui, food has always been the glue that bonds family and friends. With Goobycakes, her own bakery specialising in custom-baked goods, she took her passion to the next level!

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While most travellers capture their experiences through photos, Erwin Lian wants to paint his journey from the east coast to the west coast of America. The epic painting road trip is Erwin's way of inspiring others to pursue their dreams. “This is something I have to do in my lifetime,” said the Ngee Ann Polytechnic lecturer. We decided to surprise him at work with a set of painting pigments in a box easel, so he could set off on his trip to do something fun with the arts for the community. He constantly updates and shares his paintings on his website - which serves as a chromatic visual diary of his inspirations.


The Beatles’ song, Let It Be, was one of the first tunes Jeremy Heng learned to play on the guitar from his father, Paul. The pair share a deep love for music, and many of their memories were built around the tunes they sang and played together. “My dad is the man I will always want to emulate. He taught me all about the life I know,” says Jeremy. To create an extraordinary experience and a memory they could both treasure for life, DBS arranged for father and son to record a song together in a professional studio, doing what they both loved best.


It was the performance of a lifetime for our guests at the One Direction concert last night. We invited the team from social enterprise, the Adrenalin Group Pte. Ltd., to join us at the DBS Suites, to watch the world’s most famous boyband perform ‘live’ in Singapore for the first time at the National Stadium.


Amber Simon and her husband were avid divers, but in raising a young family of three children, they found it tough to find time to actively pursue their interest. With the kids a little older today at 3, 5 and 8, Amber wanted to share her passion for the beauty and wonders of the underwater world with them. She wrote in to DBS, and we thought we should help make it happen. “I have never won anything in my life. Not even batteries from supermarket lucky draws!” Amber told us. We were delighted to offer her an Adventure Cove experience and staycation at Festive Hotel as she spent time doing more of what she loved with her family.


What inspires you? For Neil D'Souza, it was a Mongolian girl whose name means ‘destiny’. She was the spark for his dream to provide better education to children around the world using technology.

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Miss Tam Chiak, whose real name is Maureen Ow, may be best known for her food blog. But did you know that her love for food goes beyond eating and Instagram-ing? The ex-journalist and ‘Bloggerati by Nuffnang’ whose blogging moniker means ‘Miss Glutton’ had a spark – to do something inspiring with food. She wanted to foster connections between people who are trying to do good in the food community, be it through offering opportunities to the disadvantaged, or running social enterprise cafes, etc. What better way to do that, than by bringing her together with people who work in social enterprises, Bizlink and BliSSE, to go on a food tour of socially responsible cafes – Food For Thought, FIX Café and Joan Bowen Café?


DBS volunteers came together as People of Purpose to celebrate our unsung heroes – the social workers. Together with StandUpFor.SG, we planned and threw a surprise party to appreciate the contribution of social workers at the South Central Community Family Service Centre. This is just one of the many ways that DBS is reaching out to commemorate Singapore’s Jubilee year, by celebrating those who make a difference to our community.


Did you know? One way DBS helped spark Singapore's development was to build the nation's first ever condominium. Igniting possibilities and sparking joy is at the heart.

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Bettr Barista's Pamela Cheng defines her success by the number of people whose lives she has helped change. An amazing coffee experience sparked Pamela Chng’s passion and she now runs Bettr Barista, a social enterprise that trains disadvantaged youth and women to brew coffee.

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Irene Chua thrives on making customers happy and she sparks joy by treating customers like family and tries to make banking a little more joyful for them.

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Food brings people together. This simple idea from Gordon, who works at the DBS Innovation Office, for a ‘Great DBS Potluck’ party brought smiles of joy all around our offices. Across three locations in Singapore, more than 8,000 staff from 30 departments gathered to share food and laughter, as we celebrated the Chinese New Year together.


Anthea believes that time spent with her family and friends is worth every second, even more so when it is spent surrounded by nature, where she feels most calm and collected. The adventurous polytechnic student wanted to inspire her loved ones to explore Singapore’s natural habitats. “We need to appreciate our greenery as much as we appreciate our urban architecture,” she said. “I feel that it gives us time to do something together and enjoy being together, since we are often so busy going about our own lives,” Anthea told us. We decided to surprise Anthea’s family with a guided tour at Pulau Ubin, and a GoPro Hero bundle to document every precious moment.


As a child, Hazel Tan was enchanted by the flowers she saw at weddings. But it was only at her own wedding last December that she realised how much this passion for flowers really meant to her. It is also made more special by the fact that she shares this love for floral arrangement with her mother, Jessie Ham. We presented her with a floral arrangement course, so that Hazel could enjoy a little more of life with her family.


Meet Nawin, a passionate collector of tennis racquets and Thomas, a father who wants to share his passion for the sport with his 7-year-old son, Jedd. DBS wanted to give them an unforgettable experience and memories to treasure. The trio got the opportunity to meet their tennis idols from the DBS Singapore Slammers during the Singapore leg of the IPTL tournament.


Dance is in the blood of 12-year-old Edie, who has already won numerous Latin Dance competitions. With the support of her mum, Penny, and grandmother, Lorraine, who were both dancers, she competed on the world stage at the ‘Olympics of dance festivals’, the Blackpool Dance Festival in May 2015. Inspired by this inter-generational bond and love for dance, DBS supported Edie in the coaching and preparations for the competition.


Peter Draw uses his artistic talents to bring joy to children by teaching art for free, and inspiring his students, the Little Draw crew, to raise funds for other kids who are less fortunate than them. He wants to share the grace that art can provide when life doesn't look so pretty. So when Peter shared his spark with DBS, we decided to surprise them with art supplies. “As a child, I dreamed about meeting a great artist who, because of his drawings, the world became a little different. If I don't get to meet this artist, then I'll be this artist,” Peter said.