A big and complex deal brings about the arrival of an old arch enemy and a new team member. As Team DBS grapples with tension from within their ranks, will they be able to pull themselves together and do what’s best for their clients?





  • Enjoyed every episodes. Great stories and great actors and actresses. Always looking forward for new episodes. Amazing job to Sparks series.

    —  AtiQue Sidney

    omg.... just watched it..... holding back emotions... i cannot

    —  Jeff Tan

    You guys made me tear in the office...again. Well done!

    —  YewChung Tham

  • I just binge watched all dbs stories, wow! you should make more of these, inspiring stories that give hope and make people look forward to a brighter future. so much content to think it's only a few minutes and very touching.

    —  Tinie Veridiano

    I'm always inspired by the stories from SPARKS series. Keep them coming!

    —  Wilson Yew

    I really love the Sparks series!

    —  June Lee

  • I cant believe I'd teared up watching the video. I am absolutely moved - totally inspiring and educational in creating awareness for the underprivileged. Bravo DBS!

    —  Raden Aditya

    Sparks series never fail ... a team of good actors and actresses ... well done for this true story

    —  Alfred Lee

    This mini series has been so inspiring and touching!

    —  Vet Leow

  • We usually see police procedurals, medical dramas, legal dramas etc and when Hollywood writes banker roles it's usually a villain caricature. How refreshing to see a novel kind of story about the human side of the banker's job. And to see such powerful storytelling condensed so well in a span of 10 or 15 minutes while remaining impactful is truly remarkable writing. Love the cast as well.

    My mom was with DBS Credit Control for 25 years until recently when she retired, and I will always remember the background role DBS played in providing for my needs growing up. The SPARKS series captures that perfectly.

    Looking forward to more, and perhaps even longer episodes to come. Keep it up!

    —  Ahn Vurr