5 Things No One Likes To Do At 4pm

Trying to get a taxi when they’re changing shifts

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Why hail & tussle? Just Grab or Uber it!
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Your personal driver

Rushing to see a doctor before he knocks off for the day

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Try Docdoc.
It's that simple!

Finding a restaurant that stays open during ‘off-peak’ hours

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Rid your hunger pangs with Deliveroo and Foodpanda! Don’t go hungry!

Queuing for THAT bak chor mee. Yes, we know

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Let LaborMe’s “community of taskers” do the queuing for you! Be it Bak Chor Mee or any other task!

Waiting in line at a bank, just before they close

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It looks like you prefer to live effortlessly!

Here are some innovations that give you time and space to do what matters most

Live more, bank less.

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