Money Transfer from Indonesia to India

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Indonesia is a popular holiday destination for people in India, thanks to the scenic mountains, pristine beaches and sacred temples. Apart from tourism, Indonesia is also home to a lot of Indians. For NRIs in Indonesia, who want to invest in India or financially support their family back home, DBS Treasures offers an easy way to send money to India – an NRE Account.

At a Glance

You can transfer money to an NRE Account in India using any remittance mechanism. An NRE account allows you to transfer your foreign currency earnings, hold it in rupees and use the funds for local expenses. You can also freely repatriate the money in an NRE account back to Indonesia whenever you wish.

Inward Remittances

An NRE account comes with various inward remittance benefits including:

  • Preferential Exchange Rates: Enjoy preferential exchange rates if you choose to convert IDR to INR at the time of credit.
  • No Service Charges: We do not charge any additional fee for credits to an NRE account from abroad. Only the Fx conversion fees will be levied.
  • One-day Credit: Beneficiaries are credited within 24 hours* of DBS receiving transfer instructions.

*T&Cs Apply

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NRE Account Benefits

  • Open Your Account Remotely: You can open an NRE account from anywhere across the world
  • Transfer Unlimited Amounts: There is no upper limit on the amount for inward remittance to an NRE account
  • Have Access to a Dedicated Relationship Manager: Get assisted by an experienced specialist for any queries regarding your NRE Account
  • Full Repatriation: The principal and interest earned in your NRE Account are fully repatriable
  • Competitive Rate of Interest: Enjoy higher interest rates on your NRE Savings Account
  • Save Tax: Interest earned on this account is tax-free in India
  • Shop or Pay Bills: Invest in Indian securities, shop online, pay utility bills, donate to a charity – from anywhere with our mobile banking app
  • Enjoy Exclusive Privileges: Enjoy over 40 privileges with your DBS Treasures Account including global medical and travel assistance, overseas educational concierge, property management services, etc.

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Service Charges

DBS Treasures does not levy any additional service charge on inward remittances into an NRE Account.

International Funds Transfer Service Charge
Credit to DBS Treasures Account for Inward remittance Free
Returned funds for unapplied OTT / ITT (for inward remittance) All INR 500 + Swift Charges

Money Transfer Options

If you have a DBS Treasures NRE account, you can choose any money transfer method available to you like online remittance, wire transfer or bank-to-bank transfer. There are no limits to how many transactions or how much money you send per year.

How to Send Money to India Online from Indonesia

Here are the steps to transfer money from Indonesia to India:

Step 1: Open a DBS Treasures NRE account from anywhere. A dedicated Relationship Manager will guide you through the process.

Step 2: Log in to your local savings account in Indonesia and choose remittances or a similar option.

Step 3: Enter your mobile number or Customer ID. Your bank account details may get displayed once you enter this information.

Step 4: Select or add your beneficiary. Here, add and select your DBS Treasures NRE account.

Step 5: Check and verify all the information.

Step 6: Click 'Submit' or its equivalent.

Once the funds are deposited in your NRE account, we will send you an alert via SMS and e-mail.

If you do not have a DBS Treasures NRE account, apply for one now and start sending money to Indonesia the easy way!

How to Apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the minimum and maximum amount of money that I can transfer to India from Indonesia?

There is no limit on the amount you can transfer to India from Indonesia.

How long does it take for funds to be credited?

The funds are credited to a DBS Treasures Account in India within 24 hours*.

Where can I remit money?

You can transfer money across 150 countries in over 17 currencies from your DBS Treasures Account.