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Whether you're a first-time home buyer, investing in your dream home or changing homes - We have the right home loan offering to suit your needs.

DBS Home Loan

The promise of your own home often comes with an unhappy underpinning factor: with spiralling real estate costs, you may not have the necessary funds at your disposal to make a down payment or even consider purchasing the house of your dreams. But at DBS Treasures, we do not allow our valued customers to withhold their dream of their own house for financial reasons. Which is why we have the best bank loan products to facilitate your home purchase.

Our home loans are designed to provide the easiest acquisition of a coveted property. So whether you are a first time buyer, an experienced investor or looking for a second investment property, you will be right at home with our home loan.

Special Features of DBS Home Loan:

  • Ready and under construction property purchase: Get a loan for projects of bank approved developers
  • Attractive Interest rates: DBS offers excellent interest rates to suit your needs
  • Easy home loan up to INR 5 Crore: Dream big with our easy loan offerings
  • Flexible payment tenure up to 20 years: Get higher eligibility to repay the loan
  • Home loans up to 80% of property value: For loans up to Rs. 25 lakhs, you pay just pay 20% of the property value, we fund the remaining 80%
  • Pay interest only during the construction period: Offers greater flexibility by allowing interest payment only during construction of the project
  • NRI Home Loan: NRIs from select countries can apply for home loans
  • Apply online: Apply for home loan online to start the process


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Call Us: 1800 209 4555

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