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With careful management, equity funds – which invest primarily in stocks – can offer significant gains from capital appreciation and dividend income.

Long-term returns

Investments in equity mutual funds are made in stocks or equity of companies. Growth in business of the company leads to stock price increase, resulting in capital appreciation for investors.

Systematic / Regular Investments

Equity mutual fund schemes avail you a facility to invest small sums at regular intervals through systematic investment plans (SIP). This also develops a regular habit of investing which is useful in long term wealth creation.

Diversified Portfolio

Equity funds have widespread diversification even with a very small initial investment. This means buying stocks of different companies over a period of time across different sectors.

Important Notice

This publication is for general circulation only. It does not form part of any offer or recommendation, or have any regard to the investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any specific person. Before committing to an investment, please seek advice from a financial or other professional adviser regarding the suitability of the product for you and read the relevant product offer documents, including the risk disclosures, which can be obtained from DBS Bank India Limited. If you do not wish to seek financial advice, please consider carefully whether the product is suitable for you.

For Unit Trusts, the value of the units and the income, if any, may fall or rise. Any past performance or projection, prediction or forecast of results is not necessarily indicative of the future or likely performance. The prices of securities within a portfolio may be influenced by political and economic conditions, changes in interest rates, the earnings of the corporations whose securities are comprised in the portfolio, and the market’s perception of the securities.

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