Interactive Broker Referral Fees

International Markets

Referrer Fees

  1. Referred Client shall be charged the following fee ("Referred Client Fee"):
    1. For US equities and ETFs, USD 0.00625 per share traded by Referred Client with a minimum of USD 1.25 per order.
      (IB will extend its IBKR LITE commission free pricing plan to Referred Clients subject to IB's conditions, restrictions and policies governing IBKR LITE and this fee will be paid to Referrer regardless.)
    2. For global non-US equities and ETFs, 25% markup on IB's fixed rate pricing as posted on IB's website.
  2. Referred Client Fee amount ("Referrer Fee") shall be paid 80% to DBS Bank and 20% will be paid to Interactive Broker LLC
  3. There will be no Referred Client Fee on commission-free , or any other product where markups are prohibited by applicable laws, regulations, or by contract.

Interactive Broker fee schedule

Please note the details of the charges levied by Interactive Brokers including the commission paid to DBS which will be incurred while transacting at the Interactive Brokers portal.

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