What are the requirements for getting access to the digibank app?

Your mobile number, email address and PAN or Passport details should be updated in our system.

If you share your mobile number or email address with a family member, then only one of you can use the same credentials to create your username and password, for logging to digibank app and view all your accounts, where you are a holder.

Why do I need a Debit Card for logging in to the digibank app and viewing my accounts?

Debit Card details like card number and PIN are required for setting the login user id and password.

Even if you request for a Debit Card and do not activate it at an ATM, it will get activated as soon as you register yourself in the app.

If you are active on the digibank app, you can update the latest version from the PlayStore & App store and login with your existing DBS Bank credentials to view your branch banking relationships.

How do I set up a new password, if I have forgotten the current one?

If you have forgotten your current password, you can set a new password by clicking:

  • Go to Login Page -> Click on Trouble logging in? -> Select Reset Password. Once you click on “Reset Password”, you will be asked to enter your registered email id and phone number on the screen. Click “Next” button at the screen below after entering email id and mobile number. The screen that will follow will ask you to enter PAN card number. Once the PAN card number is entered, you will taken to the next screen where you can set your new password.
  • You may be asked to enter your Debit card CVV and PIN - verify 6-digit OTP received on mobile number - Set New password
  • If you not received a What are the Debit Card features available on DBS Bank Card or have forgotten CVV/PIN, click on "Haven’t received your card" to generate a request. You will get a call from our end to help you in resetting the password.

Alternatively, you can try from our internet banking web page https://internet-banking.retail.dbsbank.in/login

What is the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) feature and how does a soft token vary from physical OTP entry to enhance the safety features?

Please refer the section on Safety Features on - https://www.dbs.com/digibank/in/faq.html

What are the various safety features of the new digibank app that makes it safer to transact online?

Please refer the section on Safety Features on - https://www.dbs.com/digibank/in/faq.html


I hold various accounts under one family name. How do I view all of them? Will I require separate login details?

You will be able to see all those accounts, under a single login, where you are either a single or a joint holder in the account.

For all those accounts, where I am not a holder, my mobile number and email is updated with you. Will I be able to view those accounts on the digibank app?

You will only be able to see all those accounts where you are a holder. Only one email id and mobile number can be used for one login username and password on a single device.

Will I be able to view my account statements on the digibank app and download the same?

Yes, you will be able to view your account statements for the past 3 months on the digibank app and download the same.

For statements, more than 3 months, you can download the same from the DBS Internet Banking website.

I have a joint account. Will the statement I download from the app reflect all the names of the holders?

Consolidated statements will reflect the names of all the holders tagged to the account.

Can I place a request for a Cheque book through the app?

We are in the process of enabling the Cheque book request through the app. We will inform you once the facility is available on the app.

In case you require a new Cheque book, you can call the Contact Center or visit your nearest branch to place the request.

If I need my Interest Certificate, can I download it from the app?

Interest certificates will be available for 2 years from the time you registered yourself on DBS Bank.

Debit Cards

What are the Debit Card features available on DBS Bank?

The Debit Card features available on DBS Bank are as follows –

  • View the Debit Card limits for all your cards
  • Activate/deactivate any available card for International usage
  • Block/unblock the card temporarily, to prevent misuse
  • Permanently block your debit card
  • Request for a new card from within the app, after permanently blocking your existing card
  • Set your Debit Card PIN
I already have an existing Debit Card. Can I use it for logging into the digibank app?

Yes, if you already have a DBS Debit Card, you can use it to create your login user id and password for DBS Bank by clicking on ‘Link your DBS Treasures account’.

I have both Treasures and DBS Bank Debit Card. Which one can I use for resetting my login password?

You can use either card details for resetting your password.

Can I change my Debit Card limits in the app?

No, you cannot change the Debit Card limits within the app. You can only view the same, presently.

I have forgotten by ATM PIN. How do I reset the same?

You can simply reset your Debit Card PIN by logging in the digibank app. Please follow the steps mentioned -

  • Menu > My Account > Debit Card > Select the card for which you want to change the pin (Applicable for customers having both DBS Bank & Treasures account or both NRE & NRO account) > Forgot PIN > CVV number > CONFIRM > PAN or Passport number > NEXT > Set a 4-digit PIN > Repeat your PIN > SAVE THIS PIN.
  • If you've successfully updated your PIN, you'll receive a SMS confirming this on your registered mobile number.
  • NOTE: If you're unable to click on CONFIRM/ NEXT/ SAVE option, tap OK/ Done/ Arrow/Tick Mark button from the phone's default keypad to save your new PIN.


What are the different ways I can transfer funds from within the digibank app?

If you are domestic resident, you can

  • Transfer funds using either UPI, IMPS, NEFT or RTGS options, for all domestic transactions
  • Remit funds overseas (only through Internet Banking)

If you are a Non – Resident, you can

  • Transfer funds using either IMPS, NEFT or RTGS options, for all domestic transactions (NRO to NRO)
  • Remit funds from NRE to an Overseas account (only through Internet Banking)
Will there be limits on addition of payees?

Payee additions are capped at 50 per day and 25 additional payees can be added for UPI.

Can I make Bill payments through the digibank app? Do I have to register my existing payees and billers on digibank app again?

Yes, you can make bill payments through the digibank app with ease. We follow the Bharat Bill Payment System, which includes billers from everyday utility services such as electricity, water, gas, telecom (mobile postpaid, landline postpaid, broadband) and Direct-to-Home (DTH).

As soon as you register/upgrade to the new digibank app, you will see your existing payees present in digibank app. However, you will be required to register for the billers again on DBS Bank.

Do I need to set up my old Standing Instructions again on the app?

No, you will not be required to set up your existing Standing Instructions again.

Can I pay my taxes online through the app?

Tax payment through the digibank app is currently not in scope. We will inform you if we provide this facility at a future date.


Can I change my mobile number / email id on the digibank app?

You can change your registered mobile number/email ID through the digibank app, by providing your PAN or Passport details.

Can I update my address on the digibank app?

Address change updation is currently available only for customers who hold a digiSavings account.

Other Products and Services

I have an Investment account. Will I be able to view all my investments within the app?

We are currently working on making all your investments available for viewing on the digibank app. As soon as the same is ready for viewing in the app, we will inform you.

In the meantime, you can login to Internet Banking and review them as you do presently.

Help and Support

How do I raise a transaction dispute on the app?

Raising a transaction dispute for your Treasures account is currently not available through DBS Bank. Kindly contact your relationship manager or the below customer care number to raise a dispute.

From India - 1800 209 4555; 1860 267 1234

From Singapore - 800 852 6186;

Other International number - +91 44 6685 4555

How do I raise a complaint for a UPI transaction?

When your UPI transaction has been processed successfully, you'll receive a confirmation in the app and by SMS.

In case the amount is not credited to the beneficiary account, please wait for a day as the transaction will be settled in one working day.

If transaction is not settled, then kindly contact your relationship manager or the below customer care number to raise a dispute:

From India - 1800 209 4555; 1860 267 1234

From Singapore - 800 852 6186;

Other International number - +91 44 6685 4555