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Dubai in the United Arab Emirates provides ample scope for career opportunities. It is one of the most populated Emirates in terms of immigrant population, including Non-Resident Indians. As an NRI in Dubai, you may want to securely wire money to manage your various financial obligations in India. With DBS banks wire transfers from Dubai, UAE, you can send money to support loved ones, run your business, and so on.

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International Wire Transfer from Dubai UAE with DBS

The Emirate of Dubai is widely known as the city of the future. Every new building in Dubai breaks the record of the previous skyscraper. With so many global businesses based here, Dubai has become a hub for career opportunities leading to a financially prosperous life. NRIs in Dubai can earn UAE Dirhams and wire money to their dependents back in India. With DBS Treasures and our international money transfer solutions, you can initiate convenient and hassle-free international money transfers from Dubai, UAE.

Rely on the DBS money transfer services to send funds across the world and fulfil financial obligations of all kinds. You can wire money online from Dubai UAE with just a few clicks. Our inward remittance solutions enable you to conduct seamless wire transfers to a DBS Treasures account in India, in 19 currencies, including UAE Dirhams. Plus, you can access the DBS India Remit facility to wire transfer money from Dubai UAE in select locations abroad. Remit funds from Dubai UAE in a safe and timely fashion with the DBS international wire transfer facilities.

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DBS Wire Transfer from Dubai, UAE – Features & Benefits

  • As DBS Non-Resident External (NRE) account holder with DBS Treasures, you can enjoy preferential exchange rates when conversion to INR occurs at the time of credit.
  • DBS does not levy any additional service charges for crediting funds into an NRE Account from abroad. You only need to pay the applicable FX conversion fees.
  • With DBS, you can count on quick transfers into an NRE Account, wherein the beneficiary receives funds within 24 hours* of DBS receiving instructions.
  • DBS conducts all wire transfers with utmost security via processes like SWIFT and IFSC codes while transferring funds.
  • DBS keeps you updated through SMS and email and sends alerts and notifications once funds are credited into beneficiary accounts.

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How to Conduct a DBS Wire Transfer Online from Dubai, UAE?

Initiate wire transfers online from Dubai, UAE with DBS by following these steps:

  1. Provide your local bank in Dubai, UAE, the instructions to send funds to the local DBS Treasures account, with the correspondent beneficiary details of the recipient.
  2. Place a request for the transfer of funds.
  3. The funds will reach the DBS Treasures Account with the correspondent bank in 24-48 banking hours.
  4. You may also provide the account number and SWIFT code to initiate a wire transfer with the correspondent bank.
  5. The correspondent bank receives the funds and transfers them to the beneficiary account.

If you have a DBS SG Account, and you can conduct international money transfers from Dubai via DBS India Remit by following the steps given below:

  1. You may register for the iBanking facilities offered by DBS SG with your DBS SG Debit Card and PIN.
  2. Set up your username and password to log in to the iBanking Account.
  3. Add the beneficiary by providing their bank account details such as their bank account number, ISFC Code, branch name, etc. Once you add the beneficiary, you can quickly transfer funds.
  4. Log into your iBanking Account to transfer funds by locating 'Funds Transfer' on the home page. Choose your beneficiary and initiate the fund transfer request.
  5. Ensure you submit your transfer request before 2 pm (Singapore time) for the funds to reach the recipient's bank within a single working day.

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How to Apply for Bank Wire Transfers from Dubai UAE?

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A DBS Relationship Manager will reach out to you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a bank-to-bank transfer the same as a wire transfer?

Yes, a method to electronically transfer money from one bank account to another can be called a bank-to-bank transfer or a wire transfer.

What is an IFSC Code?

Indian Financial System Code, or the IFSC code, is a unique code containing alpha-numerical characters used to identify each individual bank branch in India. It is critical while conducting wire transfers. 

What is a FIRC?

FIRC stands for Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate. FIRC is a document used to prove that the international inward transfers have reached the intended accounts. It is essentially a receipt that signifies that an individual or business has received money from abroad.

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