These FAQs are currently applicable only to all retail individual borrowers of DBS Bank India Limited (DBIL)


  1. What is the moratorium that is being offered by Banks? Can I avail the extension of moratorium for another 3 months? What products are covered under this scheme?

    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has permitted Banks to grant a moratorium of up to three months on EMI payments falling due between 01 March 2020 and 31 May 2020. Further, the RBI has recently announced an extension by 3 months, until 31 Aug 2020.


    Customers provided with a moratorium would not be required to make any interest / principal / EMI payments during the period. However, the Interest shall continue to accrue on the outstanding loan amount during the moratorium period. The accrued interest will be capitalized at the end of the moratorium period and a revised repayment schedule will be shared with customers.


    Customers availing the extension of moratorium, the interest shall continue to accrue on the loan amount as at the end of initial moratorium period, 31 May 2020, and a revised repayment schedule will be shared with customers before the end of the extended moratorium period, 31 Aug 2020.


    DBS Bank is extending the EMI moratorium to their customers for Home Loans, Loans against Property and digibank Personal Loans


  2. Does the moratorium automatically apply for my loan? How do I know whether I am eligible for the scheme?

    Yes, the moratorium was applied to all eligible customers in line with the RBI guidelines and Bank’s policy until 31 May 2020. This benefit is applied prospectively. A further extension of moratorium, per the RBI guidelines, is also applied automatically on your loan account to extend the benefit by another 3 months until 31 Aug 2020, unless you choose to OPT OUT from the moratorium.


  3. What is the period of the moratorium?

    In line with the RBI guidelines, the moratorium was offered up to an initial period of 3 months, until 31 May 2020. A further extension of 3 months will be applied on these accounts, until 31 Aug 2020, unless you choose to OPT OUT from the extension of moratorium.


  4. If I am eligible and offered the moratorium, will my account get reported to credit bureaus or to any regulatory body for non-payment to the credit bureau and for other regulatory requirements?

    No, your loan will not get reported for non-repayment of the EMIs on which the moratorium is granted, as the moratorium applies automatically on your loan, unless you choose not to avail the same.


  5. I have a Flexi Loan facility. How do I go about with the request?

    For Flexi Mortgage loans (linked with Flexi facility), you can avail moratorium option only after the loan facility is converted to normal loan. Once the moratorium period is over, you have an option to convert back to the Flexi Mortgage Loan


  6. Till what date can I opt out for the moratorium period?

    It will be great for us to get the request to opt-out 5 days prior to your EMI due date just to enable us to take care of the processes. Please make sure that you opt out of this moratorium by filling out the simple request form.