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The US Dollar is the official currency of the United States of America. It is one of the main currencies used worldwide for international transactions and is also the most converted currency worldwide. USD to INR currency conversion is attributed to currency market trades and international remittance, among other things.

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US Dollar (USD) Rate Today

The US Dollar is one of the most robust trading currencies in the world. It is widely accepted all over the world. The value of the US Dollar continues to increase as America continues to flourish economically.

Besides the United States of America, the US Dollar is the sole currency of the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Other countries like Ecuador and Panama also use the Dollar as their legal tender. The US Dollar (USD) against the Indian Rupee (INR) has emerged today as a popular currency pair out of the various commonly traded currency pairs worldwide. With the growth of the economy and business climate in India, trading the USD/INR pair has become an attractive investment opportunity for many forex traders. The currency rate USD to INR conversion takes place in a rampant manner. This is attributed to the ever-growing Indian immigrant community in the USA, with over 3.1 million NRIs living and working there.

Traditionally, you had to visit the bank to check the US Dollar rate to Indian Rupees and convert it from one currency to the other. But today, you can do away with this cumbersome and time-consuming process. Now you can find out the Dollar to Rupee exchange rate today and get attractive conversion rates with DBS Treasures from the comfort of your home. DBS Treasures provides you with the smartest, fastest, and most economical way of getting the best value for your forex. Get preferential USD to INR currency conversion rates with DBS Treasures.

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Get Competitive USD to INR Conversion Rates with DBS

Now you can get competitive currency conversion rates on your USD to INR conversions. Simply open a DBS Treasures NRI banking account to send money from abroad. Choose from Non-Resident External (NRE), Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO), and Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) accounts to maintain your funds in INR, USD, and other major foreign currencies. With DBS Treasures’ zero inward remittance fees, you can transfer funds from overseas into your NRE/NRO account at no additional cost. Pay the applicable forex conversion fee. 

Enjoy total repatriation on funds deposited into NRE accounts and withdraw sums in INR in India and USD abroad. Remit money to and from your NRE account with tax-free interest income. Initiate secure and convenient global fund transfers via internet banking and mobile banking platforms. You also get 40+ bespoke privileges and access to a world of exclusive facilities as a DBS Treasures account holder.

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How to use the DBS Treasures Currency Converter Tool

With DBS Treasures, you can quickly check the Dollar to Rupee exchange rate today in three simple steps:

  1. Select the currencies you wish to convert in the two tabs of the currency calculator from the drop-down menu.
  2. Input the currency you want to convert in the first tab of the currency calculator. E.g., USD 100.
  3. The second tab in the calculator will instantly convert the US Dollar rate into Indian Rupees.

It is that simple.  Keep inputting different values to get the most current USD to INR rate.

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The US Dollar currency

The United States Dollar was first designated as the currency of the world in the year 1944 by the Bretton Woods Agreement. The currency notes currently printed are $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. These notes are printed by the Federal Reserve – the central bank of the US. This entity is solely responsible for ensuring that enough USD is always in circulation. The strength of the US Dollar is attributed to its role as one of the eight reserve currencies of the world.

The US dollar is represented as USD and symbolically by the sign $ in the international currency exchange markets. It is the only dollar currency designated by the $ symbol, without any letters preceding or succeeding.

One USD is further subdivided into 100 cents. The US Dollar is considered the business currency of the world and is the most popular among all currencies.

Get preferential currency conversion rates on international remittances into your DBS Treasures NRE or NRO accounts.  Setting up your account is easy. Just reach out to our dedicated customer care helpline to open your account or apply online via the DBS Treasures website.

Calculate the best exchange rate for US Dollar to Indian Rupees with our online currency calculator, and remember that the best time to convert your money is when the USD is at its strongest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What factors influence currency conversion rates?

Conversion rates are affected by various domestic and global factors. Some of the most common factors include:

  • Socio-economic conditions of the countries
  • Demand and supply of the currency
  • Inflation rates
  • Interest rates
  • Economic relations, political climates, and general stability between countries
How often are currency exchange rates updated on the DBS Treasures website?

On the DBS Treasures website, currency rates are updated every day. You can check the updated currency rates here.

Why are currency conversion calculators used? Is there a charge to use the DBS Treasures currency convertor?

With currency convertors, you to get the most current and accurate money conversion rates between various currencies, thus eliminating manual errors. There are no charges for using the DBS Treasures currency converter tool. So, you can check the Dollar to Rupee exchange rate today at your convenience.