How to Open an NRO Account
26 Oct 2020

How to Open an NRO Account

Open an NRO Savings Account

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Key Takeaways: If you are an NRI who earns income in India, you will need to open an NRO account to manage these earnings. Read on to know more on how to open an NRI account.

As an NRI, you may have investments in India which now continue to give you returns or you may have properties that bring you rental income or perhaps you are a partner in a business that gives you some earnings.

Regardless of the source, if you are earning income in India, you will need an NRO account to manage it.

If you are wondering how to open an NRO account, here is a quick guide.

Who is eligible to open an NRO account?

  • NRIs, PIOs and OCIs (except those residing in Nepal or Bhutan)
  • International students studying in India and foreign tourists on short visits

Please note that foreign nationals employed in India are not eligible.

Open an NRO Savings Account

What documents are needed to open an NRO account?

NRIs and PIOs typically need two types of documentation - identity proof and address proof. Both require a valid passport along with their address proof for their residence abroad. They also need income-proof documents such as form 60, along with their PAN card. A passport-size photograph and proof of NRI or PIO status is also a necessity to ensure that a person is eligible for NRO account opening in India. Some of these documents may need attestations at the nearest Indian embassy, notary or an overseas bank branch of an Indian bank in the country of residence of the individual.

How to open an NRO account online

Opening an NRO account online is easy with DBS Treasures.

Step 1: Ensure that all documents needed for the process are in place before you proceed with your NRO account opening.

Step 2: Fill out and submit a simple form and our Relationship Manager will be in touch with you to help you with the process.

On a case-by-case basis, additional documents may be necessary. If needed, our Relationship Manager will share that requirement with you as well.

How to fund an NRO account[1]

  • You can remit money from overseas to an NRO account
  • You can deposit rupee gifts or loans made by resident Indians to you
  • You can receive money from other NRO accounts
  • You can deposit income such as rent, dividends, pensions and interest
  • You can deposit proceeds from the sale of property or investments.

Final Note: An NRO Savings account lets you easily receive income earned in India. You can use this income to manage local expenses or reinvest the same. You can even repatriate it to your country of residence, within certain limits.

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Open an NRO Savings Account