How to Open an NRI Account Online
26 Oct 2020

How to Open an NRI Account Online

Open an NRI Savings Account

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Key Takeaways: When you move out of India to live abroad, you become a Non-Resident Indian or an NRI. This change in status also means that you have to open an account for your overseas and Indian income. Are you wondering how to open an NRI account? We have all the answers for you.

If you have moved overseas recently or want to start banking in India, then NRI account opening is an important step in the process. How to open an NRI account may seem relatively easy. However, there are different types of NRI accounts to be considered and there are distinct advantages to them as well. NRI account opening allows for segregation of income and savings earned in India and abroad.

What are the documents and KYC required for NRI account opening?

You must be wondering how to open an NRI account online. All you need are documents that establish your identity, address and income. Proof of residence overseas is also required. The documents you require may vary slightly depending on the type of account you choose.  There are three primary non-resident bank accounts – NRE (Non-Resident External), NRO (Non-Resident Ordinary) and FCNR(Foreign Currency Non-Resident). However, if you have the mandatory documents that establish your identity, address and income, you should have more than enough for an NRI account opening.

Open an NRI Savings Account

Is attestation required?

Many of the documents needed for NRI account opening require attestation. Copies of passport and employment details, visa status, OCI card and residence permits need to be attested during document submission. You can attest these easily from the Indian embassy in your country of residence, an Indian bank with an overseas branch and even by a notary. If you need help understanding the process, you can speak to a Relationship Manager at DBS Treasures.

Your dedicated DBS Treasures Relationship Manager is a phone call away. Click here to arrange for a calback.

Points to Note

While understanding how to open an NRI account online, you need to understand the key differences between each type:

FCNR and NRE accounts allow you to deposit overseas income in foreign currency and maintain it in INR. They also allow you to earn interest tax-free.

FCNR deposits with DBS Treasures allow you to earn interest on foreign currency.

NRO accounts allow you to collect income from India while you are overseas. You can only deposit income from sources in India like property rent or investment returns. Since your earnings are in India, you may have to pay taxes for them in India.

Final Note: As there are significant differences between the types of accounts available, it is crucial to fully know them before progressing to open an NRI account. Once you have decided, one of the Relationship Managers at DBS Treasures will be happy to guide you.

Open an NRI Savings Account