We offer insurance benefits to help protect you and your family so you can prepare for whatever might come in the future. Whatever your needs are, we have a plan just for you.

Life Insurance

Endowment Savings - Aviva Dhan Samruddhi

Endowment Savings - Aviva Dhan SamruddhiAviva Dhan Samruddhi is a traditional life insurance plan that gives guaranteed cash back every 5 years in addition to guaranteed maturity benefit, to meet your short and long term needs.

Term Protection - Aviva LifeShield Advantage

Term Protection - Aviva LifeShield AdvantageAviva LifeShield Advantage provides comprehensive protection for your family incase you are not around. Additionally, all the money paid as premium will be returned to you on survival at the end of the Policy Term.

Term Protection - Aviva LifeShield Platinum

Term Protection - Aviva LifeShield PlatinumPresenting Aviva Life Shield Platinum™, a unique protection plan to help you plan for your family in case you are not around.

Protection - Aviva Wealth Builder

Protection - Aviva Wealth BuilderAviva Wealth Builder ensures that your family is well protected, in case you are not around.

Aviva Next Innings Pension Plan

Aviva Next Innings Pension PlanAviva Next Innings Pension Plan is a unique combination of a built in guarantee to build a lump sum amount to secure regular income for your retirement years. So go ahead and plan for a great next innings!

Education - Aviva Young Scholar Secure

Education - Aviva Young Scholar SecureAviva Young Scholar Secure is a child plan with guaranteed benefits for critical milestones of your child's education journey and secures their future.

Protection - Aviva Life Shield Plus

Protection - Aviva Life Shield PlusAviva Life Shield Plus provides comprehensive protection for your family at a nominal cost through: Payment of Life Cover (Sum Assured) to your family in the event of your death.

Retirement - Aviva New Family Income Builder

Retirement - Aviva New Family Income BuilderA life insurance plan in which you pay for 12 years and get double of what you have paid over the next 12 years, guaranteed.

Protection - Aviva Live Smart

Protection - Aviva Live SmartAviva Live Smart PlanTM is a non-participating Unit Linked endowment plan designed to meet your future financial needs by helping you invest as per your risk-taking capacity

Aviva i-life: Pure Protection Plan

Aviva i-life: Pure Protection PlanIn today’s fast-paced life, rarely do we stop and take stock of the life cover we provide for our families in case something unfortunate was to happen to us.