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Flexi Fixed Deposit

The DBS Flexi Fixed Deposit offers higher interest rates with the convenience of a savings account.


  • Fixed Deposit is made for a minimum amount of INR10,000 and in multiples of INR1,000, subject to a maximum cap of INR14,99,999 for a period of 364 days
  • Fixed Deposit gets broken* only in multiples of INR1. The balance in the Fixed Deposit continues to earn interest at the initial contracted rate, to ensure maximum returns
  • When multiple Fixed Deposits are linked to the Savings account, the last Fixed Deposit created is broken first, to ensure maximum returns
  • Balance thresholds for the different types of linked savings accounts are:
    Savings Plus INR50,000
    Savings Power Plus INR2,00,000
    Treasures Savings INR5,00,000

How to Apply

  • Visit any of our branches
  • Call our hotline at 1800 209 4555 / 1800 103 9897 / +91 44 6685 4555
  • Our existing iBanking customers can Book fixed deposits up to INR 99,99,999.99/- instantly. To book fixed deposit online, click here.

"To know the current Fixed Deposit Rates, Click Here".

* Whenever the balance in the linked savings account falls below the specified threshold, the fixed deposit automatically breaks and the balance gets ‘swept’ into the savings account, thus ensuring that the threshold is maintained.
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Call Us: 1800 209 4555

Get In Touch

Call Us: 1800 209 4555

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