Savings Account

Earn up to 7%* on your Savings Account

DBS Savings Accounts have been designed specially to take care of your savings and growth requirements.

It lets your savings grow with an attractive interest of upto 7%* p.a on your saving account balances. Topped with convenient features such as ibanking, mBanking and network of ATMs, you are never too far away from your money. All it takes to get started is choosing from our wide range of saving account offerings designed to meet your unique requirements.

Domestic Savings Account

Daily BalanceRate of Interest
Daily Balance up to Rs. 1 Lac 6%*
Daily Balance of above Rs. 1 Lac and upto 2 lacs 7%**
Daily Balance of above Rs. 2 lacs and upto 5 lacs 5%**
Daily Balance of above Rs. 5 lacs 4%**

*Balances upto 1 lac will get 6% interest rates
**Any balances over and above 1 lac & upto 2 lacs will get 7% on the incremental amount, 2 lacs & upto 5 lacs will get 5% on the incremental amount & 4% on the remaining balances.

NRE/ NRO Savings Account

*NRE/NRO Savings Account will get 4% interest across balances. 

*T&C Apply

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Get In Touch

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