NRI Home Loan Interest Rates

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With DBS Treasures, you can get an NRI home loan to buy a new house, or for renovations, extensions and much more. Your home will act as collateral, and you will have the benefit of the most competitive interest rates.

NRI Home Loan Rates by DBS Treasures

At DBS Treasures, we value all our customers. The rate of interest is currently between 8% and 9%, which is one of the lowest. We also offer discounted rates for pre-approved categories of borrowers. Our NRI interest rates are offered as fixed and floating interest rates.

NRI Home Loan Interest Rates Depend Upon These Factors

  • Amount of Loan: Your NRI Home Loan rate is curated to give the best for any amount you choose. The higher the amount, the more competitive is our offer.
  • Borrower’s Income: Whether you’re self-employed or a professional, if your income qualifies, you can be assured of some of the best rates of interest in the market.
  • Pre-Approved Categories: We offer competitive interest to attract all kinds of customers. You can also get discounted interest rates during festive offers from DBS Treasures.
  • Pre-Approved Loan Rates: If you’re a privileged customer, you may be eligible for special NRI Home Loan interest rates. To view your eligibility, use our Home Loan Eligibility Calculator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I repay the loan?

You can repay the loan through your DBS Treasures account.

How much financing of the loan can I get?

You can get up to 80% of your property value. The final eligibility is calculated based on your annual income, type of property, credit history, etc. credit at the sole discretion of DBS Bank India Ltd.

What do banks consider while sanctioning a home loan?
  • Annual income
  • Credit score
  • Type of property
  • Business details
  • Status of existing loans
  • Co-applicant (if any) credit score
What are fixed and floating NRI Home Loan Interest Rates?

A pure fixed home loan interest rate remains constant throughout your loan tenure. There are also some home loans where the interest rate is fixed for a part of the tenure. We will inform you at the time of applying whether your loan is a pure fixed-rate loan or a partially fixed-rate loan.

A floating rate of interest will vary according to the RBI-Linked Repo Rate or RRLR. If RBI increases its repo rate, your rate of interest will rise, and if RBI decreases the repo rate, your interest rate will be reduced.

Is there a possibility that NRI Home Loan Rates will change in the future?

Our floating rates are based on the RBI repo rate. Our mark-up rate is also called the Repo-Linked Lending Rate or RRLR. The RRLR may increase or decrease only if the RBI changes its repo rate. Any change in the RBI’s policies means your interest rate will change in basis points. The new rate becomes effective from the 1st of the next month. For instance, if RBI cuts its Repo Rate by 0.15%, and our current NRI Home Loan RRLR is at 8.45%, your new RLR will be 8.3%. We will inform our customers well in advance of any rate changes.

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What is the effect of fixed and floating rates on home loan EMIs and tenure?

In a pure fixed-interest rate loan, you will know your EMI in advance because it will not change. This helps in planning your future finances. EMIs for partially-fixed and floating rate home loans will change as and when there is a change in interest rates. You may have the option of keeping your EMI the same and changing your loan tenure.

There are also times when you may want to convert from fixed to a floating rate. This happens especially if you would like to take advantage of a lower prevailing interest rate. In these circumstances, your EMI will change, we will guide you on how to proceed with making the revised EMI payments.