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At a Glance

We have a rich legacy of managing the wealth of customers like you for over seven decades making our Investment Banking services among the most sought after in the industry. We combine personalised service with cutting edge digital technology to deliver a superior banking experience to our customers.

Features and Benefits

We believe our customers deserve nothing but the best. Our Investment Banking service brings to you deeply researched investment solutions covering equity, fixed income and sophisticated wealth products. You also get exclusive access to crucial macroeconomic research and portfolio analytics.

Wealth Solutions

We have an extensive suite of wealth solutions across vanilla investments like mutual funds, bonds, etc. Also, we have sophisticated wealth solutions for customers who have a higher risk appetite:

  • Private Equity: These are long term investments in private companies which have been prudently selected through rigorous research of the company's fundamentals, macro-economic factors and market conditions.
  • Real Estate Fund: The fund aims to participate in the country's real estate market through equity, mezzanine and debt routes. Customers can participate in the entire life cycle of a real estate project or choose any particular stage of it.
  • Long Short Funds: These include complex strategies that use derivative instruments to achieve risk-adjusted returns.

Beyond Banking Services

Get trusted and holistic advice on tax and legal matters through our partnerships with specialised service providers. Make the most of your investments while complying with all the statutory rules and regulations.

Research and Insights

At DBS Treasures, we ensure that you stay one step ahead with our research and insights. DBS Group Research ensures that we send to you the latest highlights across the globe with our daily, weekly, monthly and annual newsletters. Our quarterly DBS Select report highlights the top quartile mutual funds as rated by Morningstar and their detailed factsheets.

Fees and Charges

You can see the detailed fees and charges section click here.

Alternatively, you can also call our customer service numbers (1860 267 1234 / 1800 209 4555) to speak to a DBS representative.

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