Family Banking

At a Glance

Family is the strongest bond that we have as humans and at DBS Treasures, we believe in this bond and provide banking services tailored to each family.

You can avail of a range of services for your parents, partners, spouses, and children through our family banking privileges. If you or your immediate family member have an account with DBS Treasures, you can together opt for a family banking relationship. Once a family banking relationship is formed, you and your family member will have to maintain a Total Relationship Value of INR 30 Lacs or more to continue enjoying the benefits of premium banking.

Benefits of Premium Banking

Here a few other benefits that come with DBS Treasures:

Travel Privileges: You and your family can avail of a slew of exclusive and personalised services while travelling, including complimentary lounge access at select domestic and international airports, complimentary airport pick-ups and drop-offs and global travel assistance.

Family Privileges: At DBS Treasures, we provide doorstep banking to all our valued customers. You can get access to global medical assistance as well as a global educational concierge for your children. You and your family can also enjoy exclusive access to curated events, movie premieres and investment seminars with industry experts as part of our privileges.

Beyond Banking: While our expertise lies within the banking domain, we know your and your family's needs are not limited to it. We facilitate beyond banking services for our customers in areas such as tax, trust & estate planning, property advice, and legal advice in partnership with our reputed partners.

Eligibility and Requirements

We believe that a family that banks together stays together. We calculate the total relationship value (TRV) of the entire family, including the aggregate of average quarterly savings, account balances, period term deposits, investments, insurance, and mortgage loan outstanding. 40% of a home loan or loan against property is also considered towards TRV.

Once the minimum TRV requirement is met, the Treasures features and benefits are extended to all members who are added to the family banking account.

Fees and Charges

To better understand our fees and charges, click here. Our Relationship Managers will welcome you into our family.

Documentation Required

To access the benefits available under Family Banking, please reach out to your Relationship Manager and ask for your family members to be clubbed into a family banking relationship. Your Relationship Manager will guide you through the rest of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Family Banking a type of savings account?

No, Family Banking is a benefit we extend to you if you and your family members have DBS Treasures savings accounts. You can reach out to your Relationship Manager, who will guide you on how to get started.

What privileges can I get in Family Banking?

With DBS Treasures, you can access innumerable premium banking benefits and 40+ lifestyle privileges related to travel, medical assistance, education,and much more. Please reach out to us here and our Relationship Manager will contact you.

Can I share Family Banking privileges with my entire family?

Yes, you can extend the privileges to your entire family in case they have savings accounts with DBS Treasures. Please get in touch with your Relationship Manager to know more.