NRI Passport Renewal Process: Detailed Guide
26 Dec 2022

NRI Passport Renewal Process: Detailed Guide

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Key Takeaways

Indian passports are typically valid for ten years, after which you must renew them. Even if you are an NRI, you must undergo the Indian passport renewal process. As an NRI, you can renew your passport from India or your overseas country of residence. The core process to renew passports in India or overseas remains the same.

A passport allows you to travel abroad and has a fixed validity period. Indian passports are typically valid for ten years, after which you must renew them. If you are a Non-Resident Indian, you can travel to India to renew your passport. Alternatively, you may submit your documents in your country of residence and complete the NRI passport renewal process. Read on to understand the Indian passport renewal process for NRIs.

NRI Passports: Renewal vs Reissue

Although most people believe that passport renewal and reissue are two different processes, they are not. Whether you wish to renew or get your passport reissued, you have to complete more or less the same steps. For instance, if you lose your passport, you must file a First Information Report (FIR), after which you can proceed with the renewal or reissue process.

You can also apply for renewal if you have exhausted the pages in your passport booklet, if your passport has expired or is damaged, or even if your passport is still valid. The same applies if you wish to change any information, such as your address, name, etc. In both cases, you will receive a new passport with a new passport number. Remember, each passport is essentially a booklet number, and each time you apply for renewal or reissue, you receive a new passport with a new booklet number.

Process to Renew Passports

The core process to renew passports in India for NRIs is essentially the same applicable to Indian residents. NRIs can renew their passports on their trip to India by following these steps.

Step 1: Fill out the passport application form by following these steps

  • Visit the Passport Seva website and log in using your credentials.
  • Select 'Apply for Fresh Passport/Reissue of Passport'.
  • Choose the state and district where you wish to submit your application.
  • Select 'Reissue of Passport', the application type (Normal/Tatkaal), type of passport booklet (36 pages/60 pages) and click on 'Next'.
  • Specify the reason for passport renewal or re-issuance and provide other necessary details as required.
  • Choose your preferred payment mode and make the payment.
  • Select your district's PSK and book an appointment.

Step 2: Visit the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)

The next step for NRI passport renewal is to visit the PSK. Print out the application form, payment receipts, etc., and carry them along with the required documents to the PSK at the scheduled time. The PSK executives take your photographs and biometrics and verify all your documents.

Step 3: Complete Police Verification

The police at the PSK typically decide whether or not you need police verification based on the information you provide. Essentially they can choose between these three models:

  • Police verification not required
  • Police verification required after passport issuance
  • Police verification required before passport issuance

Indian passport renewal process

NRIs must carry the original and photocopies of the below-listed documents:

  • Passport (Valid/Expired)
  • Education qualification certificates
  • Permanent address proof in India
  • Overseas address proof
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Spouse's passport (for endorsing the spouse's name on your passport)
  • Travel tickets (for Tatkaal applications)
  • Supporting documents for change in details

Fees & Charges

The charges for re-issue or renewal of passport are as follows:


Normal Charges

Tatkaal Charges*

Re-issue: 36 pages (expiry, exhaustion of pages)



Re-issue: 60 pages (expiry, exhaustion of pages)



Re-issue: 36 pages (lost, damaged, stolen)



Re-issue: 60 pages (lost, damaged, stolen)



*For Tatkaal passports, you must pay INR 2,000 over and above the standard charges.

It typically takes up to 3 weeks to get police clearance and receive your new/reissued passport.

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NRI Passport Renewal

As an NRI, you may not have the luxury of staying for extended periods in India. You may not get leaves longer than a few days. Even if you cannot visit India, you can complete the NRI passport renewal process from your country of residence. This process saves you from spending money on flight tickets and other expenses on your visit to India. Here's what you need to do.

Step 1: Apply at VFS Global

Check the applicable consular jurisdiction centres in or around your city of residence and book a slot for passport renewal. This service is typically provided by most countries' foreign travel ministries in association with VFS Global, an entity that assists with visa facilitation.

Step 2: Fill out the form and submit documents

Fill out the VFS Order form, check the list of the required documents, and assemble the documents. The list of documents may typically differ and be more elaborate. For instance, you may need to provide proof of employment, overseas accommodation proof, etc., along with your Indian documents. You may need to get several documents notarised if you are applying to renew your Indian passport from overseas. 

Step 3: Pay the passport renewal fee.

Lastly, you need to pay the passport renewal fee. This fee differs based on the country from where you apply for passport renewal. Typically, you need to make a cash payment for the Indian passport renewal process at VFS.

Depending on which city or country you apply from for passport renewal and whether you need clearance, it can take approximately three to eight weeks for you to receive your Indian passport.

Final Note:

NRIs living abroad for an extended period may need to undergo the process to renew passport. They can choose between visiting India or renewing their passport from their country of residence. As an NRI, you may have financial ties in India, such as properties owned, bank accounts, investments etc. You can easily manage these expenses with DBS NRI Bank Accounts. You can open NRE account and NRO Account to manage your foreign and Indian incomes, respectively. You can also use these accounts and manage your expenses whenever you visit India.

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