Six Easiest Countries to get Citizenship
26 Dec 2022

Six Easiest Countries to get Citizenship

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Key Takeaways

Many countries allow you to acquire permanent residency or citizenship. You can become a permanent resident via investments, marriage, naturalisation, etc. Some easiest countries to get citizenship to include Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, Thailand, Australia and Ireland.

Most people move abroad to improve their financial prospects and ultimately become citizens of that country. Becoming a permanent citizen of a new country requires you to fulfill certain obligations. You can typically acquire permanent citizenship through marriage, investments, and naturalisation, i.e., living and working in a country for a certain number of years. However, there are some countries that provide citizenship more easily than others. Consider this list of the easiest countries to get permanent residency or citizenship.

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List of Easiest Countries to get Permanent Residency

  1. Canada

    Canada is largely considered the easiest country to immigrate to and acquire citizenship status. The country offers excellent education programs and employment opportunities. Indians can get a Permanent Residence Visa through Express Entry or other immigration programs. After holding the PR for a considerable time, usually two to three years, you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

  2. New Zealand

    New Zealand offers a Skilled Migration Program for individuals aged under 55 years. You can stay for two years working or studying in New Zealand. You can also add your spouse or dependent children (under 24 years old) to your visa application. If you were born overseas and have at least one parent who is a New Zealand citizen, you may be eligible for citizenship.

  3. Portugal

    The Golden Visa Residence Program offered by Portugal makes it one of the easiest immigration countries. You need to acquire a residency permit through studies, work, or marriage to a Portugal citizen. Maintaining a permit for five years can get you permanent residency if you make high-value investments. After holding the Golden Visa, you can apply for citizenship.

  4. Thailand

    Thailand issues Smart Visas to highly skilled workers, executives, investors and start-up entrepreneurs with 4-year permission to stay in the country. However, you can receive the right to remain in the country for 20 years with an Elite Residence Program. This program is offered to high-net-worth individuals (HNW) in exchange for THB 2 million or USD 65,000.

  5. Ireland

    Ireland is also among the easiest countries to get citizenship. Foreign nationals can apply for citizenship through residency. You may be eligible for Ireland Permanent Resident Permit by holding a work visa for five years. You need to submit a citizenship application form to the Ministry of Justice. This body decides whether or not to grant citizenship. You can also claim Irish citizenship by descent, i.e., if your ancestors (parents or grandparents) were born in Ireland.

  6. Australia

    You can become a permanent resident of Australia if you move here for studies, hold a work visa, through descent or via investments or business. Other visa programs include Global Talent, Skill Nominated or Temporary Skill Shortage. You may be eligible for Australian citizenship if you have held a permanent residence visa for four years. These attributes make Australia one of the easiest countries to get citizenship.

Final Note:

Becoming a permanent resident of a country with better opportunities and resources brings with it several perks. Many countries offer a better standard of living, education, and healthcare facilities. However, you may still have ties with your homeland, especially financial ties, even after moving abroad. You can fulfil your financial obligations in India through DBS Treasures NRI Savings Account and NRI Deposit Account. Enjoy repatriation facilities, tax benefits, and investment opportunities in India with your DBS Bank Account.

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