Which countries are the best for your child's education?
01 May 2023

Which countries are the best for your child's education?

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Key Takeaways: Selecting a school for your child? While it is important to look at the courses being offered, it is also equally important to concentrate on the cultural enrichment it can provide your child. Countries like the UK, USA, Sweden and Denmark are among the best in the world when it comes to higher education. Read more to find out our top picks.

As parents, you naturally want to give your child a competitive advantage in every avenue. A foreign education can help your child develop a global outlook from a young age. Moreover, meeting people from other cultures will make your child adaptive to changing environments as they grow into adulthood. Here's a list of countries with the best education system as per a study conducted between January and April 20201.

The United Kingdom

UK is considered the world's leading study destination for international students. Home to some of the most prestigious universities, UK graduates are sought after by employers across the globe. Apart from an excellent education, your child will also get opportunities for personal and social development. During short holidays, students can participate in community sports events or literary, arts and music festivals. UK is also a great place to live for students because of its cultural diversity and widely connected public transport network.

The United States of America

Home to world-famous Ivy League schools and practical training institutes, USA is renowned for the academic flexibility it offers students. Its top universities encourage enrolment of international students and diversity so that learning is enhanced with new and different points of view. There are various student orientations and language-training programmes to ease new students into their courses. Some universities in USA even extend their students' stay after graduation so they can begin their careers in the same country. So if your child has set their sights on settling in the US, researching its top universities is a good place to start.


Whether it is technology or sports, Australia offers an all-round, enriching educational experience making it one of the top countries for international studies. A student can select from a vast number of courses based on career choices and personal interests. Of the top three countries on this list, student accommodation in Australia is the most cost-effective. With advances in technology and innovation, this country is gradually moving up the global education charts. If your child is looking for unconventional career choices (like marine biology), then Australia is where they can go.


Ranked #4 among the best countries to study, Holland was the first non-native English speaking country to design and offer courses in English. With modern teaching methods and comparatively cheaper education costs, universities in the Netherlands get enrolments from around the world. If you are an EU student, you get a lot of benefits: you can work 32 hours a month, are eligible for a Euro 265 grant for student accommodation and can enjoy free transportation.


The Swedish education system emphasises on overall academic excellence rather than individual course grades. The teaching technique is focused on developing team-players who can have successful careers. Universities in Sweden offer free tuition to students from the EU, which is why a majority of enrollments are from these countries.


France attracts a large number of international students every year, who flock to the country for both academic and cultural reasons. With over 3500 public and private higher educations institutions to choose from and nearly 1500 educational programs in English, France offers something for every student. France also has a rich history (its cities are filled with monuments and museums) and a vibrant culture; students can spend their university breaks taking in the sights and enjoying the local flavour.


Denmark is home to some of the finest art universities in the world and your child can take a variety of courses. Student life in Denmark thrives on a good social life thanks to the various events surrounding studies. Class group meetings take place outdoors and students are also encouraged to participate in sports like boating. While the people of Denmark are known to be generous and accepting of diverse cultures, student accommodation in this country is pocket-friendly and comfortable. Denmark is a great place to experience a vibrant student lifestyle while excelling in academics.

Final Note: By sending your children abroad, they will earn not only a degree but also a unique advantage that can open doors to innumerable opportunities. As the world becomes a smaller place with businesses expanding globally, a foreign education may just be what sets your child apart.

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*Disclaimer: This article is shared purely from an information perspective. The data is sourced from websites like the World Economic Forum, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the Programme for International Students' Assessment, among others. We recommend you conduct extensive research before proceeding.