Structured Notes

Participating Notes

Instruments used by investors that are not registered with the Securities and Exhange Board of India to Invest in Indian Securities.

Typical financial instruments which are linked to a Participating Note include equities, interest rates, credit, market indices, fixed income instruments, foreign exchange and a combination of these.

You can potentially enjoy capital gains from Participating Notes by taking a view on the underlying financial instrument. They are usually issued by a financial institution and investors are exposed to the issuer’s credit risk.

Participating Notes are only recommended for investors with an appropriate risk as they carry significant risks.


  • Possibility of enhanced returns
  • Participate on the performance of the underlying financial instrument
  • Customize the structure to suit investors’ needs
  • Ability to express bullish or bearish market views depending on the note’s structure

How to Apply

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Important Notice

This publication is for general circulation only. It does not form part of any offer or recommendation, or have any regard to the investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any specific person. Before committing to an investment, please seek advice from a financial or other professional adviser regarding the suitability of the product for you and read the relevant product offer documents, including the risk disclosures, which can be obtained from DBS Bank Ltd. If you do not wish to seek financial advice, please consider carefully whether the product is suitable for you.

The prices of the underlying financial instruments of a Participating Note may be influenced by political and economic conditions, changes in interest rates, the earnings of the corporations whose securities are comprised in the portfolio, and the market’s perception of the securities.