Invest Your Wealth

At DBS, expert advice, insights and innovative solutions come together to optimise your investment needs. We will help you access our wide range of products to achieve your investment goals.

Generate Income

Focused on yield enhancement and income-generating financial instruments.

Fixed Income/Bonds

Investment Grade Bonds

By investing in these bonds, you can generate a stable and secure stream of investment income. Receive principal value of your bond upon its maturity or when the bond is called by the issuer.

Structured Notes

Yield Enhancement Notes

The potential return from a Yield Enhancement Note is dependent on the performance of an underlying financial instrument.


Fixed Income Funds

Fixed income funds give you access to a range of debt instruments managed by fund professionals. These funds invest in instruments such as bonds, loans, money market instruments and cash.. You get diversification on your returns

Grow Your Wealth

For investors looking for potential capital appreciation over a reasonable time horizon.


Direct Equities

Invest within the stock market and choose from an array of instruments including common shares, , exchange-traded funds, initial public offerings and secondary placements for potential capital gain and/or dividend payouts.

Buy Equity Options

You buy options for hedging and leveraging exposure.


Equity Funds

Equity funds invest in company-issued equity securities. These funds may have a particular focus: between growth and value, geography, or perhaps even sectoral, It could also be widely diversified.

Alternative Funds

Alternative funds encompass Private Equity, Real Estate and Hedge Funds.

Structured Notes

Participating Notes

Instruments used by investors that are not registered with the Securities and Exhange Board of India to Invest in Indian Securities.

Preserve Your Wealth

For more conservative investors focused on capital preservation and diversification

Fixed Income/Bonds

Money Market Instruments

Money Market Instruments are short dated debt instruments generally issued by supra national governments, financial institutions or corporations. They include Treasury Bills, Certificates of Deposits and Commercial paper.

Short-dated Investment Grade Bonds

Invest in these bonds to potentially generate a stable and regular stream of investment income with a typical tenor of between 1-5 years.

Structured Notes

Participating Notes

The potential return from this type of notes is dependent on the performance of an underlying financial instrument.


Money Market Funds

Money market funds invest in short term debt instruments such as repos, treasury bills and commercial paper. Such securities may be issued by governments, municipalities and corporations.

Capital Protection Oriented Funds

True to their name, these are close-ended mutual funds that protect invested capital, no matter what happens in the financial markets.

Fixed Maturity Plans

These are close-ended mutual fund products that invest primarily into fixed income instruments such as bonds or certificates of deposit to lock in currently available yields