Privacy Policy for DBS Careers Job Bank


The purpose of this Site is to allow you to apply electronically for a job with DBS Bank Ltd, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited, or any other members of the DBS Group. "DBS Group" means DBS Bank Ltd and its related corporations.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for the content, accuracy and completeness of any application or information you submit to this Site. If you do not supply full and complete information, this may prevent or delay the processing of your application or information. You confirm that the information that you submit is true and accurate and does not violate any laws or breach any contract or render the DBS Group liable to any claim or proceedings whatsoever.

You will be asked to provide a contact email address and a password. For your own protection, you should select a password that would not be obvious to someone else who might try to guess your password and you agree not to disclose your password to any other person, nor to let any other person use your login email name or password for any purpose.

What Happens to Your Information

You acknowledge that information you submit to the Site may be supplied to and used by the relevant member(s) of the DBS Group to assess and process your application.

In addition to the data supplied by applicants, the selection process may involve the supply of further data and DBS Group may obtain data from third parties (including referees and public records). To help understand the skills of certain applicants, DBS Group may suggest a personal profile exercise be carried out. All such data will be kept strictly confidential and used by DBS Group for recruitment purposes. If such data cannot be obtained, DBS Group may be unable to consider the applicant.

Even if you are not selected for a position for which you apply, we may consider that you have skills and experience that would be of value to the DBS Group. For this reason, if another potentially suitable vacancy exists or subsequently arises, we may transfer your application to the relevant DBS Group member for consideration.

Data of applicants will be destroyed within 3 years of application except in the case of applicants for employment in Hong Kong, for whom specific provisions are contained below.


The members of the DBS Group do not warrant or guarantee the availability, effectiveness or performance of this Website, nor your ability to submit any application or information to this Site. To the extent permitted by law, you agree that no member of the DBS Group will be responsible for any loss, damage or unauthorised disclosure of information that you or any other person may suffer or incur in connection with the use, or misuse, of your login email name and password.

Personal Data Policy for Applicants for Employment In Hong Kong & Macau With DBS Bank Ltd and Its Subsidiaries

This policy applies to applicants for employment in Hong Kong & Macau, for positions with DBS Bank Ltd or any of its subsidiaries ('the Group'). Upon acceptance of a position, this policy will cease to apply and the Personal Data Policy for the employees of the Group (as updated by the Group from time to time) will apply.

The Group safeguards personal data in accordance with applicable Hong Kong law & the Macau Personal Data Protection Act.

During the selection process, the Group may obtain data from third parties (including referees and public records) regarding the qualifications, experience, eligibility or other information of the applicants for recruitment related purposes.

All data held by the Group relating to the applicants will be kept strictly confidential and used for recruitment related purposes but the Group may provide and/or transfer such data to: (i) any other member in the Group; (ii) any agent, contractor, or third party service provider (or a subsidiary, holding company or related company thereof), who provides administrative, data processing, computer or other services to the Group; (iii) business partner in connection with the processing of applications for any banking positions applied for within the Group, and any other person(s) reasonably requiring the same, whether located in Hong Kong or Singapore or elsewhere, in order for the Group to carry out the purposes permitted under this policy.

Data of unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed within 2 years of rejection.

Applicants have the right to check what data is held, to request a copy and request correction. To do so please contact:

Human Resources

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

15/F, One Island East,

18 Westlands Road ,

Island East, Hong Kong

DBS Group may charge a reasonable fee for processing of any access request.

IMPORTANT: By submitting information to this Website, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions of use.

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