Letter of Credit Confirmation

Eliminate associated risks with your Letter of Credit

At a Glance
Eliminate credit and country risks associated with your Letter of Credit (LC).


If you are uncomfortable with the credit rating or country risks of the issuing bank, you can inform the buyer to let us to confirm your LC



Once the documents presented are in order, we will negotiate and convert receivables to cash immediately upon your request


At your service

Our negotiation or discounting services are made available to you with LC confirmation

Features & Benefits

Leverage our credit rating

Ensure you receive payments if documents submitted comply with the terms of LC


Minimise the risks

We will absorb the country and credit risks with our LC Confirmation services


Refer to our pricing guide

How to Apply

No application is needed. We will confirm your Letter of Credit automatically if it authorises DBS to add confirmation. We will notify you by sending you a letter when it has been completed.

Contact Us

Schedule a callback via this online form.

Alternatively, you can reach us at 1800 103 6500 / 1800 419 9500


What do you charge for a Letter of Credit Confirmation?

Pricing differs on a case-by-case basis. Our charges depend on the credit rating of the issuing bank, the amount and the validity period of the Letter of Credit.

Who will bear the confirmation fee?

Whoever bears the confirmation fee should be clearly defined in the Letter of Credit terms and conditions.

Do I need a credit facility for a letter of credit confirmation?

No. However, adding confirmation is subject to our comfort on the LC issuing Bank and country.

How long do you take to add confirmation?

We can confirm your letter of credit within one working day, subject to our comfort on the LC issuing Bank and country.

Can DBS add confirmation if the Letter of Credit is advised to another bank?

Yes we can, as long as DBS is authorised to add confirmation.