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Letter of Credit Advising

Verify the authenticity of your Letter of Credit

Enjoy greater security and convenience with DBS Letter of Credit Advising. We authenticate your inbound Letter of Credit, providing you with assurances that it comes from a genuine source. We also offer greater convenience by notifying you upon its arrival. You can choose to receive your original Letter of Credit at your office through courier, or collect it from our 12 conveniently located Branches.


Why choose DBS Letter of Credit Advising?

  • Grow your business with the Best Trade Finance Bank in India and the bank that was named the Rising Star for the Transaction Bank category, both awarded by The Asset in 2013
  • Access a global network with DBS. We have more than 6,000 correspondent relationships and authentication arrangements with banks worldwide
  • Stay informed and save time with our notification service. We notify you when we receive a new Letter of Credit. Users of IDEAL™, our online banking platform, will be notified by email
  • Submit forms any time before 6pm on a working day to ensure your documents are processed on the same day. We offer one of the latest cut off times in India for your convenience



Advising LC

INR 1,500 flat


INR 1,500 flat

Transfer of LC

INR 2,500 flat + cable under overseas transfers

Cable charges

INR 750


How do I know that DBS has received the Letter of Credit?

We will notify you via phone when we receive a new Letter of Credit. IDEAL™ users will be notified by email.

Where do I collect my Letter of Credit?

Our trade operations officer will contact you to arrange delivery at your preferred collection point.

Will the Letter of Credit be authenticated by DBS?

Yes, we’ll authenticate all Letter of Credit received by SWIFT.

Can you authenticate the Letter of Credit if it’s received in hardcopy?

Yes, we will verify the issuing bank’s signature on the hardcopy Letter of Credit and advise you when it’s been authenticated.

How do I make amendments to the Letter of Credit?

If you need to make changes to your Letter of Credit, please contact your buyer directly. They will then ask the issuing bank to make the changes. Upon receipt of the amendments, we’ll contact you via email.