Working Capital Advisory

Discover how you can unlock cash trapped in your business

Working Capital Advisory

Discover how you can unlock cash trapped in your business

At a Glance

At DBS, we partner with you to analyse and design bespoke, deep dive working capital solutions that will help optimise your cash flow and expand your business at reduced costs. With our proprietary analytical tools, industry best practices and insights from more than 65,000 companies globally, we provide working capital advisory that will help you free up trapped cash in your business.

Discover the depth of difference DBS can offer.

Features & Benefits
Discover the difference DBS can offer


Provide clients with industry and peer benchmarking, delivered through an innovative application


Diagnostic Tools

Perform detailed, customised analysis of client specific data and provide insightful reports with clear and concise actions steps


Advice and Insights

Deliver industry best practices, user networks and thought-leadership to create additional cash flow and cost savings

How it Works

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What does Working Capital Advisory include?

We provide two types of analyses: Working Capital Benchmarks and Working Capital Diagnostics.

In working capital benchmarks, we will provide industry and peer comparison for working capital ratios. The benchmarks will also indicate the key levers to uncover trapped cash in our clients' working capital cycles.

For the working capital diagnostics, we partner with our clients to conduct detailed analysis of working capital drivers to develop actionable recommendations.

How do I benefit from this service?

You will be able to identify key areas of inefficiencies in your working capital cycles and leverage on DBS' recommended solutions. This will help to optimise your cash flow and release trapped cash which can be used to either reduce your overall financing costs or reinvest for growth.