Accounts Receivable Purchase

Discover how you can unlock cash trapped in your business

Accounts Receivable Purchase

Discover how you can unlock cash trapped in your business

At a Glance
Designed to improve your cash flow by unlocking up to 90% of your receivables

Total protection

Enjoy up to 100% credit protection against buyer default


Save time

We will pick up the collection duties on your behalf


More productivity

We provide reconciliation services to improve your efficiency


No collateral required

Financing without the need for additional collateral


Digital Transformation

Submit financing requests by uploading the required documents on our Digital Platform

Check status online as well as receive regular reports via email

How ARP Works
  1. As the seller, you enter into a Receivables Purchase Agreement (RPA) with DBS
  2. You notify your Buyer vide a notice of assignment regarding your arrangement with DBS
  3. We purchase your receivables and you legally transfer the title of the receivables to us
  4. When the invoice is due, your buyers make payment directly to us
What are the benefits of financing from ARP as opposed to a normal trade facility?

When you use a normal trade facility, you receive funding based on your own company financials. With an ARP solution, the quality of the receivables is also assessed.

In which countries can you provide credit cover?

We can support your sales all over the world, depending on the credit standing of your buyer. Simply provide us with their details and we’ll assess accordingly.

What documents do I need to provide to do ARP on a transactional level?

Once your ARP facility is approved, you will usually need to provide the invoice and proof of delivery.

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